Season One Ending Late August

Posted on at 5:18 AM by Moobeat

We finally have some information about the end of the first season of League of Legends!


Recently, we announced that we would be extending Ladder Season One. We also announced that we would provide rewards to those players who finished the season at each tier of our ladder rankings. Today we are here to announce that the first League of Legends Ladder Season will officially close in late August. Following the end of Ladder Season One, your stats will be archived in your summoner profile, and Pre-Season Two will officially begin.

Now, about those ladder rewards. As we previously mentioned, all those who participated in Season One by playing at least 10 matchmade games will receive the commemorative Judgment Kayle skin. Additionally, after your stats have been archived, and all players that are currently holding a tiered rating (bronze, gold, silver, or platinum) in our ladder rankings will receive the following additional rewards:
  • Bronze-rated players will receive a bronze banner in their summoner profile.
  • Silver-rated players will have their summoner icon framed in silver and receive a silver banner in their summoner profile.
  • Gold-rated players will have their summoner icon framed in gold and will receive a special skin for Jarvan IV, a gold banner in their summoner profile, and a gold forum badge.
  • Platinum-rated players will have their summoner icon framed in platinum and will receive a special skin for Jarvan IV, a platinum banner in their summoner profile, and a platinum forum badge.

During Pre-Season Two, there will also be several opportunities to improve your team's status for the Season Two Championship. Over the past few weeks we've announced qualifiers for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenges in Germany, China, and the United States. We're happy to announce that top placing teams in these qualifiers and during the Global Challenges will be credited Circuit Points for the Season Two Circuit retroactively once the season begins. Circuit points will be used to determine a team's rank in their respective region and qualify them for the Season Two Regionals. Stay tuned for more details, but if you'd like to see a recap of the Season One Regionals, then check out our Season One Regional site.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone make one final push to finish out Season One in style and bring home some fantastic rewards.

- RiotMarcou, eSports Manager, via the official forums.

For those of you who may be trying to figure out what rating awards each "tier", here is an approximation of each rank.
Bronze - 1250
Silver - 1495
Gold - 1875
Platinum - 2223

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