New Level Requirement to Post on Forums

Posted on at 7:44 PM by Moobeat

The League of Legends community is growing at a staggering pace! This is fantastic, but it has required us to make some changes to ensure our community remains healthy and vibrant. 

As you know, we've been actively monitoring and moderating the forums for a few months. To continue improving your forum-going experience, we're introducing a new protective measure. 

Beginning on 8/29/11, new League of Legends accounts will be required to reach summoner level 5 before they can post in areas outside of the New Player and the Help and Support forums. This change will encourage new players to gather in areas where they can receive the most help learning the game, and will prevent those nasty trolls from spamming you with violations of the Forum Code of Conduct.

In case you're worried this will keep new members from contributing positively to the community, bear in mind only it takes a short time for a summoner to reach level 5. We feel this is a fair amount of time that will keep people from creating accounts specifically to troll and spam but won't disenfranchise new members of the community who genuinely want to become positive influences on the forums. 

As with any community improvement measure we introduce, we'll continually monitor how this change affects the community's health and gather your feedback on this new effort to maintain a healthy League of Legends community.
- RiotRomulus, Community Assistant, via the official forums.


  1. Glad to see that your forum is so successful! Congrats!

  2. Great change!
    This will indeed keep spammers out

  3. i aproove! no multi accounts to bump/thumbs up your own stuff es cool

    on the other hand.... i think im gonna have to lvlup my US account that i have just for the forums (cuz no one cares about the EU ones ;< )