League of Legends - Patch Preview

Posted on at 11:18 PM by Moobeat
The new patch preview has been released. Check out the video below and see if you can spot the two new skins!

Small Fiddlesticks nerf
Garen buff 
  • Increased utility
  • Increased closing power
  • Better defensiveness 
Leona buff
Nasus buff
  • Wither reaches full slow even if you have tenacity
  • Jungling with Nasus made easier
Pantheon changes
  • Spear toss can now crit when below 15 % health
  • Heartseekers strike burstdamage reduced along with it's cooldown
  • Channel time for Grand Skyfall reduced
Assist changes
  • If you get enough assists you won't accumulate a deathstreak. E.g. 0-8-25 Soraka may have been worth 15 gold before due to deathstreak, but is still a strong part of the team.
Suicide changes
  • Suiciding to towers or dying to minions no longer reset your kill streak or increment a death streak.

And just in case you didn't spot them, here are the new Taric and Garen skins!