Free Runes from Razer!

Posted on at 6:28 PM by Moobeat
The computer peripheral company RAZER has a treat for every summoner to celebrate PAX Prime 2011.
One Crit Damage Mark and One Movement speed Quintessence

Just visit THIS Razer site, fill out a quick little form, and you'll receive your code shortly via email. The equivalent of these runes are priced at 2870 IP ( or around 20 Games worth ) so make sure to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Be sure to check out all of the events currently under way at PAX Prime 2011 by visiting the official PAX League of Legends site!


  1. The site seems bugged atm (for me it is at least, chrome + firefox)

  2. Note to everyone: The more emails you use, the more codes you get.

    Use 9 emails: 9 codes, you can apply them all to the game. So if you need your crit damage marks, use 9 emails, you need your swiftness quints? use 3 emails.

    Works, I tried it out myself.

  3. Swerto, i added you in steam, i hope you can help me, because this just doesnt work for me, more than a hundredth time

  4. still cant get it to work, any ideas?

  5. did they run out or something? tried a few times today and it never worked.

  6. now the runes are gone... anyone from the US servers willing to give a code / codes? It works on the EU servers even after you used it on US.

    my email is my nick

    Thanks if anybody helps... others get nine, i couldnt get one :S retarded site...

  7. Same here, couldn't even get 1 because the site never got past step 1...

  8. Yea same here, anyone from US servers willing to send me a couple codes that they used on US? My E-Mail is my nick and then .
    Thanks! :)