More Delays on Leona Patch - Platform Patched

Posted on at 11:55 PM by Moobeat

The title says it all, check out the post by Average Gatsby below.

In the next patch, we’re rolling out a number of new upgrades aimed at improving platform stability. These upgrades include some structural changes that should improve our platform across the globe. However, a significant change to the platform is not without a certain element of risk. In order to minimize the possibility of any disruption to your regular gameplay schedule, Leona, the Radiant Dawn; new skins; and game balance changes have been delayed while we work out a few known issues, and will not be in this patch.

While we know that everyone is extremely excited to play Leona, we want to take the time necessary to ensure that we deliver a quality gameplay update, rather than risk making your first experience with the new champion a negative one. We will be working as expediently as we can to complete our configuration and resolve all issues with the coming gameplay updates. We will be bringing you more information on the release of Leona, the Radiant Dawn; new skins; and game balance changes as soon as we are confident that platform stability is optimal. 

Thanks for your patience, and thank you for playing League of Legends!
- Average GatsbyWeb Content Producer, via the official forums.

As the post mentions, here are the PVP.Net patch notes that are being applied early Thursday Morning.

Release Notes v1.38.30
  • patcher now has a “Region” selector. Players may choose language (English, German, French, Spanish, and Polish) and region (NA, EU West, EU Nordic + East)
  • Updated the filter on summoner name creation and change
  • Fixed a bug with multiple error pop-ups appearing in
  • Updated UI for the “Submit Log” interface
  • Updated Custom Game Lobby interface
  • Updated UI for Custom Game creation
  • Added default names to Custom Game creation.
  • Custom Games now have a “Quit” button in Champion Select. Players will no longer have to log back into to cancel a custom game in Champion Select.
  • Removed warnings for leaving Battle Training during Champion Select
  • Updated Champion filters in the Summoner Profile
  • Updated UI when viewing other players’ Mastery Pages
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to overwrite your own Mastery Pages
  • Fixed a bug with viewing other players’ Rune Pages
  • Added multiple rune purchases to the store. Players can now use the “+” and “-“ signs to choose how many runes of a certain type to buy, up to 9
  • Multiple bug-fixes for the store
  • Updated matchmaking to make level 30s matching with non-30s rarer

Lastly, here is some in game footage of Leona, captured by a viewer of the official Riot Games stream.

EDIT:  That patch didn't go through at the last minute. See red post here.