How Twitch is Shaping Up..

Posted on at 12:17 AM by Moobeat

Shurelia has shared with us a bit of information about where the rework for Twitch is currently setting. Please remember this is all subject to change, so don't take it as fact.

"I can give a breakdown of the changes.

Please note that this is the current prototype and is not final, please dont use this against me and make me regret giving info.

Character Passive: Damage is retaining true and is being lowered a bit. Duration is being increased.

Q: Now a passive/active. Passive is the Xypherous outlined stealth rework. Active grants bonus attack speed for x seconds and instantly reloads x Vile Bolts into Twitch's crossbow.

W: Debilitating Poison: Now requires poison on the target to cast. Cast range increased by double. Can no longer be cast if there are no valid targets in range.

E: New Spell. Fires a narrow line missile instantly that deals total attack damage and includes on hit effects. High range, .75 second cooldown but requires Vile Bolts. Vile Bolts are Twitch's ammo resource that replenishes over time or by reloading via Q.

R: Expunge: Can no longer be cast if there is no target in range. Requires poison, cast range doubled. Damage heavily increased."
- Shurelia, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.


  1. nice but when do they nerf vayne and buff trundle?

  2. wow nice, thx for sharing these infos with us

  3. The artwork in your posts is always incredible. How do they find the time to do so much of it? :p

  4. long time no comment, wow I can't wait to try the new twitch. You know I quit playing till I found your blog, then I played again for a few months, now I am off it again. Better get it updated for this new twitch lol