Clarification and Time frame for Twisted Fate Change

Posted on at 1:58 AM by Moobeat

It looks like Twisted Fate's global ultimate will be getting thumped soon rather than later. The planned change, which is a step to minimize the hard pressed balancing of global ultimates, will leave the Global Reveal of Destiny, but limit the range on the actual teleport. No numbers yet, but I can only assume something in the same vein of Nocturne. Check out a few posts below, from Morello, that globally reveal this subject ( damn, I'm clever ).

[ on time frame ]
Actually, yes! I think we can get this in the next patch or two - the tech is looking good. While this means a good, solid TF nerf (maybe coupled with buffs, have to see if needed)....this means one very important thing....

Pantheon can be buffed/fixed!
[ on exact changes ]
Retain Global Reveal on Destiny, limited range on Gate. The complete lack of consideration on positioning is why I hate true global teleports and feel they cause the same psychology as stealth.
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. Morello looks nice, wanna have it!

  2. I don't think he is playable after nerfing his ult.

  3. That guys hat is really cool! :)

  4. dont f nerf TF ,TF without tp is useless!

  5. I'm getting back into this game a little at a time, and I wanted to try TF... my timing may be bad.

  6. nice lol :) and Tf is already not that strong