Yorick's Ultimate Revealed

Posted on at 9:17 PM by Moobeat
Morello, the good soul he is, has graced us with a minipreview of the abilities of Yorick The Grave Digger.

Comparing this information to the PC Gamer article about Yorick, we gain one giant chunk of brand spankin' new information - What Yorick's ultimate does. In the PC Gamer preview, Yorick's ultimate was something of a line based snare but it has been finalized as a sort of reverse Mordekaiser Ultimate. What sort of evil necromancer thought this bad boy up?

All and all this one looks like a doozy that's got me stirring in my tomb. I can't wait to hit the Fields of Justice and start summoning my own friends, how about you? Is he looking worthy of a day one purchase?

"We wanted to give a sneak-peak into Yorick’s gameplay in a quick mini-update. 

Yorick is our first champion that utilizes the creation and use of summoned minions. All of Yorick’s spells have varying immediate effects, but each leaves behind a different minion of the appropriate type. For example, Omen of Pestilence creates an AOE explosion at the target location that does damage and slows, and leaves behind a Decaying Ghoul. This ghoul will then slow targets adjacent to it during its lifespan. All Ghouls have a constantly draining life bar that limits their lifespan to a short duration, and enemies attacking them will shorten it even more.

Yorick isn’t some frail, weak Necromancer that just commands minions though – he’s a burly fighter who can dish out punishment on his own. This was done primarily to make his play more consistent (as frail summoners typically have really binary PvP gameplay on if their minions are up or not). Yorick can get into a fight and go toe-to-toe with enemies while commanding an ever-changing army of undead Ghouls.

Omen of Death is his trademark ultimate that brings players back from the dead to exact Vengeance. Yorick can use this Omen on an ally, which creates a revenant of that champion. If that champion is killed while the revenant exists, then the target gains temporary undeath, coming back from the dead at full life which drains on its own rapidly. After the risen ally runs out of health again, they collapse once more.

We really hope you enjoy our new master of undeath in the upcoming patch!"

- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. cant wait for the new character, i want to use him so much

  2. Your info is so up-to-date. I LOVE this blog!

  3. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

  4. another one master of puppets ; )

  5. This is going to be a day one purchase for sure. I'm loving every single news about this champion.

  6. He looks quite useful. Let's wait to see him in action.

  7. Omg... people are going to be complaining about his ult like crazy.