New Season One Championship Website

Posted on at 12:19 AM by Moobeat

Riot has unveiled a new website dedicated to information about and coverage of the League of Legends Season One Championship. Check out the official announcement below and check out the site in the coming weeks for more details on the Championship!


We have just launched the official competition site for the League of Legends Season One Championship at Dreamhack, the largest LAN event in the world! This will be your online source for all things related to the Championship, where the top 8 teams in the world will compete for their share of a $100,000 prize pool. The competition site will be the home for all of our live Season One Championship coverage including:
  • Live matches with professional commentary
  • Interviews with the competitors
  • Updates to the brackets
  • Photos from the event site
  • And much more!

But if you’d like more information on the event and the championship contenders, you can head on over to the event site right now! There you’ll find team bios and event information, as well as the group seedings going into the tournament.

Head on over to the League of Legends Season one Championship website now!

- Riot Marcou, eSports Manager, via the official forums.


  1. Ah ive been waiiting for a website like this! thanks for the hookup ;D

  2. I got to study for the uni for 10 days and I miss this much!

    Thx for the update!

  3. $100,000 prize pool? Tasty.

  4. i've left that game but anyway good luck for competitors