Updates to Annie

Posted on at 3:45 PM by Moobeat
I am delighted see this news trickle into the forums. Morello has given us a glimpse into the upcoming changes to Annie. Annie is the most vanilla combo-mage champion, relying heavily on turning he ultimate into an devastating AoE stun. The problem with her current state is she starts to become stagnant late game and due to her mediocre coefficients and heavy mana costs she must rely on others to finish the job after dropping her ultimate. These changes look to be all around buffs with her W's damage reduction becoming moot with anything over 200 ability power.
Check out the post below to get the details on the planned changes. Why don't you drop "your bear Tibbers" below and let me know what you think of the changes.

"Hey all,

Now that I'm back with the live team, I can give some update previews again! This week, we're going to try to get some Annie updates out. As always, this is subject to change or not go this patch if testing determines high risk or bugs.
  • Disintegrate
    • Ability power ratio increased to .7 from .6
    • Damage reduced to 80/125/170/215/260 from 90/130/170/215/260
  • Incinerate
    • Ability power ratio increased to .8 from .6
    • Damage reduced to 85/135/185/235/285 from 85/145/205/265/325
    • Mana cost reduced to 80/95/110/125/140 from 80/100/120/140/160
  • Summon: Tibbers
    • No longer gives experience on death
    • gold bounty increased to 50 from 15
    • Now gains health per rank: 1200/1600/2000
    • Now gains armor per rank: 30/50/70
    • Now gains magic resist per rank: 25/45/65
    • Lowered the duration to 45 seconds from 60 seconds
    • Area-of-effect burn damage is now 35 at all ranks from 40/60/80, but now has a 0.2 ability power ratio

The goal of this is to get Annie to basically have meaningful damage late game. Her design is really outdated in terms of base/AP ratios (.6 on a nuker is SO 2010!), along with making Tibbers more awesome. This does come at some cost of level 6 burst, but our goal is to make her still able to 1-2-3 squishy characters without AP early (the level 6-9 range). If this isn't the case, we'll increase the bases a little.

This one's close to my heart, as Annie is probably my most played character."

- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


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