The Tribunal's Daily Cap Increased To 10

Posted on at 10:59 AM by Moobeat

Here is a post from Riot giving us the great news they have listened to the extreme amount of feedback regarding the the Tribunal and decided to flat out increase the amount of cases you can judge per day. The old cap was defaulted to three cases a day but starting today you can judge up to ten cases a day.

Over the past week we’ve watched you bring judgement to thousands of cases using the Tribunal! One piece of feedback that came up time and again was that you all wanted to do more and we’re happy to announce that starting today you’ll be able to complete up to ten cases per day.

Based on your decisions we have taken swift action against the worst offenders and, while we’re not ready to release the results yet, this is just the beginning. Your feedback has been fantastic and we’re working hard to incorporate what we can to make the Tribunal experience even better.

We hope that these extra cases slake your thirst for justice and if you have reached Summoner level 30 and have yet to add your voice to the Tribunal you can join in here.
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.