Patch Preview

Posted on at 7:43 PM by Moobeat
The patch preview is up and boy is it full to the brim with changes. We already knew about the Kog'Maw buffs and updates to Annie but now we have a bit more information about all of them. We also privy to nerfs on Alistar, Irelia tweaks, Vayne nerfs, and the changes to Hextech Revolver.

Personally, this looks like a great set of changes to me. I'm super excited to see Kog'Maw and Annie updated to brawl with the new champions released. Part of me weeps for changes to Alistar, but we all saw it coming didn't we? Something about getting bursted down by something that takes no damage just didn't feel right. I'm satisfied with the Irelia nerfs, yet I wonder why they didn't alter the coefficients on her ultimate long ago. I think the  just nerf to her ultimate's healing capacities will shift it from a defensive to proper offensive ability while alleviating pain she endures while rolling her face on the keyboard currently. the  I'm also pumped they are nerfing Vayne. I really don't have a particularly good reason except she makes me rage so hard. She is the bane of tanks!

TLDW version of Patch Preview:
Annie Updates
- Lower base damage increase AP ratios for better late game scaling.
- Lower mana costs
- Tibbers buffed - survivability and damage improved.
Alistar nerfs
- AP Ratios lowered slightly on Q and W.
- Base Headbutt damage reduced
- Base HP down a bit
Irelia Changes
- Nerf Damage on Q
- Ultimate is now has additive scaling, combining AP + AD.
- Ultimate now deals physical damage.
- Ulimate's heal reduced by 50% vs minions.
Hextech Revolver
- The spell vamp on it is now unique.
Kog'Maw Buffs
- Q now reduces Magic Resist in addition to armor.
- Range of Q increased
- W's cooldown slightly reduced
- E is now wider on the "goop".
Vayne Nerfs
- Mana cost on Tumble increased slightly up
- True Damage  reduced on W
- Lowered Codemn's intial damage to encourage summoners to pin others to the wall.

What changes are you looking forward to the most? For me it's definitely the Annie changes. Have you seen my bear DEATHIBBERS? Also, I'll just leave this tease of a tweet here, some of you might enjoy it.


  1. holy crap! major upgraded win!

  2. the feature is summoner name change i guess

  3. I'm curious to see how the Vayne nerfs pan out. Still dissapointed that they didn't raise her base armor a bit to compensate the damage nerfing.
    Her damage was high, granted. However everything she does is single target.
    So even if she was a threat to tanks, when she gets focused in a 2v2 or more teamfight, she will go down pretty fast and will not be too much a threat if her attack speed is not too high.

  4. Didnt kno that about the Hextech! Great blog name! lol

  5. Looks like a nice batch of updates, good for you!

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  6. Loving the Kog'Maw buffs =D Greatly deserved

  7. I was just hoping for the true damage Vayne nerf. The problem was there was no mechanic to stop or counter this insane burst, and she just had to build kite/AS and would never die. Hope they hit it hard enough to prevent her from eating through everyone.

  8. yeah I heard about this game looks very nice, but I havent tried it yet, btw nice review!

  9. Terrific post and great info. Cheers.

  10. That vayne nerf is a must be. Maybe I'll reinstall LoL to see how it now is... :(

  11. Tibbers buffed? You gotta be kidding me :)

  12. Because bursting entire teams to 1/4 hp end game wasn't OP enough.