No Kayle Rework Yet + Patch still planned for Tuesday

Posted on at 11:46 PM by Moobeat
Don't fret! I noticed a few of you asking about the new champion. Those of you with keen eyes have noticed usually we have a Champion Spotlight or at least an art spotlight for the new champion this late in the week. Heck, we usually have the patch preview as well. Phreak has divulged, in a thread about the upcoming Kayle rework, that the patch is still in the works for Tuesday, sans rework, and will hopefully be the final push before DREAMHACK and the end of season one.

Kayle remake isn't happening on Tuesday. This is two-fold.

1: We are nearing the end of Season One, and while we will continue to make balance changes, we're going to finalize what patch we will use for the Season One regional qualifiers and the Season One final (this will be the same patch). We don't want to release major remake style changes into a build that's a contender for the Season One finals patch.

2. We still have work to do on Kayle. I think you guys will like it when it comes out 

However, a patch is happening (tentatively) Tuesday.

Patch Preview will come out Monday. It's going to be much more in-depth and hopefully really answer your guys' questions this time. I don't think I've been doing a good job at making them completely clear in the past, so this time Morello is back with very long-winded answers on what we're changing.

- Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.


  1. normaly patches are always delayed :/

  2. Wondering what they'll change.

  3. Man, LoL has some of the longest seasons out there, or at least that is the way it feels. Maybe we will see some action near the top of the rank charts instead of the same thing week to week.

  4. I've lost most of my interest for this game for the time being. I'll probably take a few weeks break then go back to it.

  5. what a pain - i hate delays

  6. Agreed with G, I remember the preliminary release date of halo wars (which frankly wasn't that good) which was postponed with years... I was disappointed at that time

  7. Haven't played for awhile, but releases are always a bit late, especially with updates....sigh