Kayle's Rework Slated After Vayne Patch

Posted on at 6:40 AM by Moobeat
DarkShurelia has posted that if things go according to plan, Kayle will receive her rework after the Vanye patch drops. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the third time is a charm!
Kayle Remake is now in its third version of internal testing and it ended up being just a light re-work instead of many of her abilities being completely re-hauled.

The new version is testing positively and is currently scheduled for the patch after Vayne's for release.

As with all things, its possible for things to screw up and go wrong, but this one is looking pretty solid in comparison to versions 1 and 2.
- DarkShurelia, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.

EDIT: After a bit more digging, I found this post from Shurelia's blog detailing the Kayle rework in its current stage.

"Nerf passive.
Make base values/early game better.
Righteous fury 100% uptime @ 40% CDR.
Q debuff applies to team instead of just Kayle.
Medium AP ratio Medium Base on heal.
No changes to ulti.
+slight range on Righteous Fury.
Overall mana cost reductions on offensive abilities.
Plus mana cost on heal."