A Hotfix , A Price Change, and a Summoner Showcase

Posted on at 2:16 AM by Moobeat
Hello everyone. First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates in the past 24~ hours. Blogger.com, the site through which Surrender at 20 is hosted, under went some maintenance that left updating and commenting on things disabled for a while. It also temporary rolled back some of the newer posts. Luckily, not a lot has been going on! Here is a rather condensed post on whats happened over the past day and a half.

1) Hotfix for Guardian Angel
We had another hotfix deployment fixing bugs associated with the release  of v1.0.0.118. This hotfix addressed several problems with the item Guardian Angel. The bug most commonly presented itself as allowing the wielder to revive an infinite amount of times.
"We've identified some of the issues causing Guardian Angel to malfunction and have released a hotfix to address them. While we haven't quite squashed all the bugs, you should see Guardian Angel functioning much better than before and we wanted to get this fix out to you as soon as possible.

Best of luck on the fields of justice, summoners!"
-Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

2) An Error in Le Blanc's pricing.

Some how the last patch accidently shifted LeBlanc's price from 3150 IP to 6300 IP. Our fellow summoners were pretty upset and assumed Riot tried to pull one over on us. RiotChris dropped a thread confirming that it was a fluke and would be fixed. About an hour later, it was reverted in the store.
"This is now fixed."
-Udyr, Associate Producer, via the official forums.

3) A New Summoner Showcase

Installment #28 of Riot's Summoners Showcase, a weekly video series dedicated to the best LoL related fan submissions, has been released. This week's showcase features a Pantheon Cake, "Nyandalee", A parody of the song Friday, and a bunch of fan art of champions in swimsuits. Check out the video below to see them for yourself.


  1. I would really like to know how to encounter the guardian angel bug.

  2. 6300 was far too much, I wouldn't buy her anyway :)

  3. @Wolle

    It was something to do with Vayne last hitting a champion I think.

  4. great stuff! thanks for sharing

  5. Pleased to see this game is still flourishing!

  6. yea the blogger maintenance sucked

  7. I see you changed your layout, looks nice! Thanks for the news.

  8. Thanks for the info! The only thing I'm a little sad about is that the nerfed Nocturne a little bit...since I use mainly him. But I still wreck with him =D

  9. Sucks for the other Leaguers, but I wouldn't touch LeBlanc. Good early game burst but an eh late game imo. Guardian Angel is not a favorite either unless the whole team gets it, so this hotfix didn't screw me like it did to others.

  10. Great post and were all back lol.

  11. So I'm twitch with Crit runes and Money Quints rite? I go full offence dps with 9 util [its twitch you get the time spent, exp and for me, the extra coin]

    ANYHOW, I go BOT with whoever. The important part is I 5 shot rumble, his life doesn't seem to drop, but he does... i think I went slow first and really I think it is an incredibly overpowered glitch. Either that or he starts squishy and the glitch is that I couldn't see his life dropping.

    Happened 2 more times in that game. Rumble went 1/10/? and everyone was pretty mad at him lol.

    But srsly when I hit him 3 4 times without an infinity edge and he dropped, my whole team was like 'wtf' in vent sooo


    later bro. nice post =D

  12. I wonder if anyone who bought it for the higher price got their money back

  13. At least it was fixed. (to both things)

  14. cool video link ive never seen this video series before

  15. Glad they fixed that bug! was so OP ;D

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