Confirmed Gankplank Buffs

Posted on at 7:17 AM by Moobeat

As they promised, Riot has kept a keen eye on the champion remakes implemented last patch. There is a pretty interesting thread circulating the forums about players and developers expectations of Gangplank. Guinsoo has remained very vocal with the community and has just confirmed a few buffs to The Saltwater Scourge.
"...we're reducing the cooldown on Raise Morale and increasing the slow on Cannon Barrage.

And some other smaller tweaks.
- Guinsoo, Game Designer, via the official forums.


  1. I always loved Gangplank but he's either hit or miss late game.

  2. It's always fun when my syle of play get a buff like this!

  3. holy hell that anchor would make a fine weapon

  4. I love playing as Gankplank - Parrrley = 1k dmg in late game.

  5. Just started playing LoL, you inspired me to give it a try