Achievements Are On The Back Burner

Posted on at 10:23 AM by Moobeat

Here is a small post from Phreak about the status of achievements. As many of you may have noticed, an achievments tab has set idle on your summoner profile page since I can remember

I, for one, would love to see achievements implemented in the game, but I will sit by and humbly wish that they are retroactive. I also understand that achievements present a rather tricky situation to balance. An achievement such as "Get X First Bloods" could be negative for the game. I can foresee a situation where a giddy summoner really wants to get said achievement so he pushes his lane hard and plays very aggressive. With the taste of the coming achievement enticing him, he gets a little rambunctious and tower dives the enemy only to give them first blood. Another uncertainty about them is would the summoner be rewarded for completing them. Games like World of Warcraft and even Xbox Live have had great success rewarding players for completing difficult or time consuming achievements.

What do you think about achievements and how the would impact game play? Alternatively, what are some achievements you'd love to see?

"Achievements are not coming out in the near future. They're really cool to have, and we want to have them, but there are dozens of things we'd rather spend engineering and design work on first.

I mean, where would you rather we spend effort? Fixing mastery bugs, balancing Irelia, and implementing the Tribunal? Or designing the achievements, coding them in, and making them viewable on the web?"
- Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.


  1. No... I love achievements, but for the love of god, there are three games where I do not want them! Eve online, heroes of newerth and league of legends! This will ruin the game :I

  2. ye i like it 2, like call of duty style or sc2

  3. If Achievements come I bet u will earn EP for it. And this situation you described will happen from maybe lvl 1-26 where the ppl are unskilled and dumb. But I would not waste 45minutest just for an achievement.

  4. The one who actually posted this idea to the devs was me. As a graphic designer I'm always looking for ways to improve designs.

    I said that we should put achievements in combination with let's say;

    Get 5 kills in a game; Conquerer
    No deaths and 10 kills; Unvincible

    That sorta thing, they said they liked it and now I see this stuff. Awesome.