Tanky DPS, the Cancer that is Killng /LoL/

Posted on at 3:09 PM by Moobeat

As we all know, Tanky DPS champions have become a problem. Champions such a Renekton, Olaf, and Irelia typically have very powerful laning and end game phases, often times becoming uncontrollable once they slap on a few tank oriented items.  It isn't uncommon to see a Renekton running around with Frozen Mallet, Sunfire, and Atma's Impaler and still putting out comparable DPS to other light weight champions. This is a problem because champions such as Corki or Ashe have no way to deal with the freight train of 200 armor, 3.5k hp, and ludicrous damage stampeding at them.

"Hey all,

We're currently experimenting with some heavy-handed changes to Fighters internally. I wanted to share those here to show you what we're working on right now - obviously, this isn't confirmed as going in or not yet;

* Reduce base damage on AD abilities significantly: We're starting at about 30%, though this will change based on the character and ability.

* Increase AD ratios of abilities massively: Using bonus AD ratios up into the 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0 range is seeming like the right number. The price of AD (and its lack of multiplicative statistics working on abilities) means these ratios need to be very high to ever hope to encourage offense at all.

* Adding better pure AD itemization to support the above: Basically, Fighters don't have good offensive options outside of Yomuu's and Bloodthirster (which is hard to justify give the current numbers on their stuff), so we want to improve the ~2k gold range for them.

We're starting off with Renekton as a test bed, since he's the best analog to an AD "caster" (most of his damage comes via abilities, not auto-attacks) and seeing how this feels. We do expect defense to still be built on Fighters, since they're melee and need it, but I'd like to get the balance better, or allow choice in damage/defense that's meaningful."
-Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

The first two points are almost exactly what they did in an attempt to fix Garen a few months ago. These seem like a solid suggestion as it will force champions to chose either skipping that first tank item and stay competitive with damage, or sacrifice that survivability.


  1. nobody likes the cancer. lol.

  2. Why not just lower attack in relation to armor rating and health?

  3. Tanks are awesome to play, but it's no fun when they're overpowered like that.