The Monkey King

Posted on at 2:53 PM by Moobeat

Riot has another treat in store for us, this time in the form of a teaser for a new champion based on the legendary Monkey King, a character from the Chinese epic novel Journey to the West. This information comes earlier than usual due to an announcement made at a conference in China detailing these two new champions. In the spirit of one global community, Riot wanted to make sure all the US and EU players received the information at the same time.

What we have below is a teaser video showing some unfinished animations for the new champion.


You’ve just gotten your first look at our awesome, but unhinged, yordle Mechanized Menace: Rumble. But that isn’t the only surprise that we have in store for you today! Here’s quick teaser for another upcoming champion somewhat further off on the horizon. And while there’s still a bit of time before you’ll be watching him take to the Fields of Justice, don’t be alarmed if you hear from him again sometime in the future!"
- ByronicHero, Community Content Specialist, via the official forums.