Lee Sin buffs confirmed.

Posted on at 7:05 PM by Moobeat

Morello confirmed upcoming Lee Sin buffs. Good news if you ask me; I'd hate to see a community favorite get benched. My thoughts on the matter are increased scaling on Sonic Wave and perhaps increased durations on Safeguard/Iron Will. I'm not sure about his ult at this point, I feel like it doesn't do enough damage and sits as, essentially, an equal to Alister's Headbutt. I've yet to see the knock up have any direct effect on combat. Perhaps a bit of range increase on that or just up the AD scaling.

"We're going to be buffing Lee Sin.

I'm glad at your level of play you're having success - that's awesome - but he needs to be more viable across all skill levels.
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.