Hotfixes applied to NA and EU

Posted on at 9:20 AM by Moobeat

Guinsoo swung by with some news about the hotfix that was recently deployed to NA and EU servers. . I am delighted I can still run around as Blue Alistar, but thankful for the others. Pulverbutt ( Combining Q+W on Alister ) is now back!
"1. Fixed a bug where Alistar's Headbutt would lock him out of spells for the duration and a short period afterward.

2. Fixed a bug where Raise Morale would break nearby enemy spell shields.

3. Fixed a bug where Raise Morale would reveal Gangplank to nearby enemy champions.

4. Fixed a bug where Kayle's Reckoning was not showing the animation, and would not be castable again until after you attacked.

5. Fixed a few bugs where Rumble's ultimate was sometimes not showing properly related to fog of war. EDIT: Also fixed some team color bugs.

EDIT: We were unable to get the blue Longhorn Alistar bug fixed in this server-side hotfix. I'm not sure if we will be hotfixing this subsequently, or fixing in the next patch."
- Guinsoo, Game Designer, via the official forums.