Discussion on Rumble's Abilities

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Here are a few posts by Xypherous explaining and detailing the play style of Rumble. I feel like these posts gave me a little more insight into the kit usage and would be helpful for those of you trying to figure out if you want to pick him up or not. Expect him out this Tuesday!
Rumble's passive is a very mild example of this anti-pattern, but only if you attempt to play Rumble strictly as a ranged harasser. The optimal play when you are doing ranged harass is to dance his heat in the danger zone.

However, Rumble is not *just* a ranged harasser.

Why? Take a look at his abilities again:

Melee range DoT. Shield/Speed Boost. Ranged Slow. Massive AoE Slow.

Rumble wants to slow you and then get into melee range to hit you with his flamethrower and his fists. Once he has used his ability cooldowns and his opponents are in melee, he wants to overheat as quickly as possible so he can proceed to pound you to death while he is in melee range while Flamethrower is ticking away. Flamethower is his primary damage ability.

If you want to do maximum spike damage as Rumble, you are timing your abilities such that by the time you overheat, the enemy champions are under the effects of your slows so that you can get massive empowered melee attacks in while flamethrower is on. His long-range abilities don't do a very high amount of damage on their own.

Because Overheating only lasts a short time and then cools him down fully afterwards, he can then use his 'W' multiple times to escape.

Happy Rumbling

- Xypherous, Associate Technical Designer, via the official forums.

 It's a very long lasting wall of fire that slows and dots enemies within it.

Think of it as Singed Glue in wall form and how it operates for him, only bigger and more wall-like.

You either catch someone and they are helpless within the puddle, allowing the melee character to get into range, or you cut off their escape path so that they are forced into you.

Rumble is an AP character with high AP ratios on both 'Q' and a moderate per hit AP ratio on his passive. Rylai's Sceptre is very good on him.
- Xypherous, Associate Technical Designer, via the official forums.