SMS Payments unpracitcal?

Posted on at 7:04 PM by Moobeat

Fellow summoner and disgruntled customer reticull recently posted a thread on the forums regarding how silly it was to offer a $15 SMS payment and only receiving 972 RP. Now, his beef wasn't that he was receiving far less RP than paypal payers or credit card payers, but that 972 RP was not enough to purchase the highest price point of champion via RP, which is 975.Then a wild REDPOST entered the fray!
"Let me look into this and get back to you - it certainly doesn't seem practical to offer 972 RP".

- RiotChris, Director of Marketing, via the official forums.


  1. Its all marketing. They always make you a little bit short so you have to buy more

  2. i'd prefer to just buy the game and have everyone on equal footing