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Posted on at 1:38 PM by Moobeat
A small change to how slows work went by without being mentioned in the patch notes. Here is the corresponding red post.

Hey all,

We forgot to include a change to slow stacking in the patch notes. I wanted to let you guys know the change;

Previous system:

Diminishing return for slows kicks in at a given number. This means that the first slow you put on someone might have been hitting diminishing returns and slowing for a little less than intended.

New system:

The first slow you put on a target always slows for the amount stated. Subsequent slows remain multiplicative, but slows beyond the highest % slow are cut in half (and then applied fully).

General implication: Single slows will be as strong or stronger than before. Multiple slows should be weaker than before.

[Edits to clarify the system]
The largest slow will always take the full effect. If a champion is affected by the slow from Blessing of the Lizard Elder and then walks on Mega-Adhesive from Singed, the Mega-Adhesive will now slow fully and the Lizard slow will be cut in half. If the champion uses Flash to escape Mega-Adhesive, the Lizard slow will now go back to full power.

via Morello


  1. I wish I had found this site when I was still playing LoL, I will tell my friend to check this out -- What's your favorite guy to play as, I was always for Veigar (spelling)

  2. I'm a big Dota Player and tried LoL for a few months but prefer Dota. However, I still am highly interested in what goes on in LoL because unlike HoN they are trying to innovate and do something different.

    Following :)

  3. That's cool. I take note and am like it!

  4. @Whistler

    I play a little bit of everyone. At the moment its looking like

    AP Carry = Annie/LeBlanc
    Jungle/Tank - Rammus
    Jungle/Support - Nunu
    Melee / Jungle / DPS - Irelia

  5. Hmm, speaking of LoL I haven't been on in a while d; Maybe I should log on, see what's going on. In the meantime, I'll be following!

  6. A patch without skins? Blasphemy!

  7. sounds like a pretty big nerf. That could probably change the way a looot of people play.

  8. hmm it does sound indeed like that :(

  9. Great post! Following for sure

  10. Ahh this is cool! Thanks for sharing!

  11. this sounds cool. pbbly going to check it out

  12. GOod to know! I shall check er out

  13. I like keeping up with this stuff. Thanks !

  14. Thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind when I'm playing.