Perhaps my most supported tweak to Veigar ever.

Posted on at 2:47 PM by Moobeat
I like to judge people. I constantly look at creep kills, how the lanes are pushed, and what items they are buying. Most of all, I like to judge myself. On a character like Nasus, the most important part of his play style is charging the damage on his (Q) Siphoning Strike. For those who don't know, SS permanently gains 3 damage every time it is used to kill a minion. Getting a plethora of minion kills at the hands of SS will make you hit like an absolute truck end game. You can monitor your progress pretty well by looking at the spells tool top which will read X+Y, where Y is the amount of bonus damage you have gained. Now, another champion shares a similar ability. Veigar's (Q) Baneful Strike echos Siphoning Strike in that it permanently increases your ability power by one every time you kill a minion with it. Yet, unlike our good friend Nasus, he has no tool tip or easy way to gauge how much AP you have gained from your hard work. Recently, summoner Vytaan made a forum post humbling requesting such a mechanism. Soon, the clouds parted and a small, emotional mummy answered his calls.

"I actually just gave this feedback last week after playing in the internal playtest. It's a great idea, and I think it's feasible to do."

- Ryedan, Graphic Designer, via the official forums.