Nocturne discussions.

Posted on at 10:35 PM by Moobeat

Here are two different posts from Morello regarding last weeks champion release. The first is a response to a post complaining on how Nocturne's kit is unfair and the second relates to if there will be nerfs to him in the next patch .
"Generally, it's because we balanced him out by making him very squishy and melee with no real escape. Squishy melee without escapes have to have a lot more punch to be effective, since they tend to get cut down in teamfights.

His spellshield CD might be too short, or something, but I think "how is this fair" is pretty exaggerated. Yi has double steroid, great closing ability, awesome jungling, slow immunity, and the highest damage in the entire game. Why isn't Yi overpowered? Because he is a melee squishy.

This is the paradigm used on Nocturne, but with an assassin focus instead of "carry." Maybe some numbers are off, but I don't think as drastically as anything said here."
"No nerfs to Nocturne this patch."
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via official forums and official forums.