Marble Malphite and Bandit Sivir available!

Posted on at 10:34 AM by Moobeat
The two new skins mentioned last week, Marble Malphite and Bandit Sivir are now available via the in game store. Marble Malphite can be yours for 520 Riot Points and Bandit Sivir clocks in at 975 Riot Points.


  1. Bandit Sivir looks pretty awesome. Also to answer your question, my Lux build is ionian boots, Morello's tome, Rabadons cap, 2 situational items then lich bane. Situationals can be banshees veil, rylais, void staff, zhonyas hourglass, abyssal scepter or w/e else i feel like i need at the time.

  2. Cool, chick with the razor boomerang looks deadly