Maokai temporarily disabled.

Posted on at 12:16 AM by Moobeat

Everyone's favorite treant has been temporarily disabled from champion selection due to a rather nasty bug. The bug occurs when a Maokai equipped with a Guardian Angel dies within his ultimate. Instead of a dead Maokai, the game will crash and cease to exist.

Riot Games is currently pushing a hot fix to resolve the issue. Until it goes live, Maokai is disabled in champion selection.

"4:54pm: We are currently investigating a crash related to Maokai. During this time we will be disabling the champion. I will update with more details when I have them.

5:03pm: A game engineer is currently looking at this issue.

5:25pm: We've successfully reproduced this internally and are debugging. We are investigating a fix for this now. This may take a little time to figure out exactly why it's crashing the game. I'll update within the half hour, but we don't have a set eta for the fix. It will depend on the complexity and whether it is a server-side or client-side patch.

5:57pm: No new updates at the moment. I'll update as soon as I have more information.

6:31pm: We are still working on the fix. The intention is to hotfix this once it is resolved. ETA is still unknown.

6:57pm: We believe we've found a fix. We are currently testing the implementation.

7:48pm: We are still testing. Unsure of eta on hotfix once it passes testing.

9:38pm: Still testing. The fix touches a number of different areas in the game code, so we want to make sure it does not cause any other bugs.

11:27pm: We are prepping a hotfix. In order to avoid downtime, we will be deploying in stages, so it may take some time before we re-enable Maokai. Thanks for your patience and we hope to have the fix out and ready over the next few hours.
- RyanLaughlin, Assistant Producer, via the official forums.


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  2. that is unfortunate, but it looks like the company is quick on its feet to resolve the issue.

  3. hahahah maokai has the end of the world spell under control!

  4. I hate when things like this happen.

  5. I heard about this bug yesterday. Good to see they;ve done something about it.

  6. So THATS what happened! We thought our internet went out, but this explains everything.

  7. Maokai doesnt bother me i never played that champ :)