Proving Grounds Mini Tourney

3/12 Update: The tourney has come to a close and  team"They Call us Never" reign supreme! A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated and watched the event live!

Here is the exciting finals match between the two finalists, "They Call Us Never" and "Hyper Neko Rangers"!

Winning the finals best of three with an impressive 2-0 finish, THEY CALL US NEVER took home the prize!

Just in case you want to relive all the action, here are some sweet, sweet VODs!

Day 1 Schedule:
[ VOD - Time: 
15:05 ]  - Hyper Neko Rangers   vs   Consortium of Badgers
[ VOD - Time: 13:26 ]  - Codename: Captain College   vs   ƒinal ƒantasy
[ VOD - Time: 52:49 ]  - Haunted Dreams   vs  Dante's Infernal Squad
[ VOD - Time: 1:34:20]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Muscle Milk
[ VOD - Time: 2:07:41 ]  - Arcobaleno   vs   Video Game Academy
[ VOD - Time: 2:38:02]  - Pridepatties   vs   Elo Gaming
[ VOD - Time: 3:23:47 ] - ChronicCrusade   vs   Pyrogaming
[ VOD - Time: 4:00:53] - They Call us Never   vs   LAST MINUTE

Sunday Schedule:
VOD - Time: 
18:46 ]  - They Call us Never   vs   PyroGaming
[ VOD - Time: 50:38 ]  - Elo Gaming   vs   Arcobaleno
[ VOD - Time: 1:45:52 ]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Dante’s Infernal Squad
[ VOD - Time: 2:29:55  ] - Codename: Captain College  vs  Hyper Neko Rangers
[ VOD - Time: 3:39:49 ] - They Call us Never  vs Arcobaleno
[ VOD - Time: 4:07:31 ] - Dante's Infernal Squad  vs Hyper Neko Rangers
[ VOD - Time: 4:44:23 ] - Hyper Neko Rangers vs  They Call Us Never

Completed Bracket:

Below this line is archival information. Congratulations again to the winners!

S@20’s Proving Grounds Mini Tournament is our first dip into our own little nook of the competitive scene. As our first organized event, we are keeping things a bit small. This event will feature 5v5 teams battling it out in an All Draft All Mid ( ADAM ) style match. The tourney will be on a single-elimination bracket and each member of the winning team that makes it through to the end will receive $20RP - totaling a grand prize of $100 for the winning team.

Here is a short video explaining how things are going to go down and how you can get signed up!

Without further ado, here is the finalized bracket for the tourney!

Scheduling Update: Due to popular demand and some concerns from the teams, the S@20 Mini-Tournament will start an hour earlier. So instead of starting at 8pm PST, it will begin at 7pm PST. Hopefully this doesn’t conflict too much with anyone’s schedules, and I apologize for the change!

Below is schedule for the S@20 Mini-Tournament! Games are expected to run about half an hour each. On Saturday will be our preliminary matches, each team will have one game to conquer their opponent in order to make it to the Semi-Finals! The Quarter Semi-Final games will be held on Sunday, with the Final game taking place after the Semis.

The games will be streamed on our official channel and shoutcasted by Skillfactory from PentaCast! Co-casting with him will be a selection of people from the S@20 staff and shoutcaster pool!
We hope to see you there, if you have any questions feel to comment, hop into our in-game chat channel or email Nurse Flan at!

Below is the Official Schedule. To the left is the Team Listings, and above are the Brackets that we will be updating.
Saturday Schedule:
[ 7:00p - 7:30p ]  - Hyper Neko Rangers   vs   Consortium of Badgers
[ 7:30p - 8:00p ]  - Codename: Captain College   vs   ƒinal ƒantasy
[ 8:00p - 8:30p ]  -
 Haunted Dreams   vs  Dante's Infernal Squad
[ 8:30p - 9:00p ]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Muscle Milk
[ 9:00p - 9:30p ]  - Arcobaleno   vs   Video Game Academy
[ 9:30p - 10:00p ]  - Pridepatties   vs   Elo Gaming
[ 10:00p - 10:30p ] - ChronicCrusade   vs   Pyrogaming
[ 10:30p - 11:00p ] - They Call us Never   vs   LAST MINUTE

Sunday Schedule:
[ 7:00p - 7:30p ]  - They Call us Never   vs   PyroGaming
[ 7:30p - 8:00p ]  - Elo Gaming   vs   Arcobaleno
[ 8:00p - 8:30p ]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Dante’s Infernal Squad
[ 8:30p - 9:00p ] - Codename: Captain College  vs  Hyper Neko Rangers
[ 9:00p - 9:30p ] - Semi-Final Team 1  vs  Semi-Final Team 2
[ 9:30p - 10:00p ] - Semi-Final Team 3  vs Semi-Final Team 4
[ 10:00p - 10:30p ] - Finals Team 1  vs  Finals Team 2

The Battleground
The Mini-Tourney will be held on the Murder Bridge (aka: Proving Grounds). The format of the matches is an All Draft All Mid. This means each team will receive the standard three champion bans then begin crafting their own, diabolical team composition. The event will be hosted on the NA server - this mean's players MUST PLAY ON AN NA ACCOUNT. The games will be spectated and streamed by at least one of our lovely S@20 staff members. The tournament games will also be shoutcasted!

A max of 16 teams are invited to apply for Surrender@20’s first ever All Draft All Mid Proving Grounds Tournament! You can apply with your own pre-made 5’s team, or you can use the commenting system on this post to find some teammates. There is also our in-game chat channel in the League of Legends game client to find teammates as well. Please only submit your team information if you have full five man team and are serious about the event.

Process and Details
The first 16 teams to have one member send in their Team Name, their full team roster with in-game names, and the primary roles of each team member when sign-ups begin will officially be signed up for the tournament. Please send this information to, and you will receive a confirmation email for a successful entry. Remember, sign-up emails sent before registration begins will not be considered and the team will have to apply again during the scheduled time frame.
On March 4th, another email will be sent to the 16 teams to double-confirm their sign-up and that all teammates will be available for the tournament on that weekend. Please reply to fully confirm your participation! Should one of the 16 teams drop out, the next team on the waiting list will be contacted to play.

After sign-ups have closed on March 5th, the competitive brackets will be released on Thursday, March 7th. We anticipate games to run about 30min, and we would greatly appreciate it if competing teams would be ready at least 30min before their scheduled match! A no-show 10min after time started = auto-win for the other team. We will also be disappointed in you.

Please keep your evenings on the weekend of March 9th and 10th free to participate in the games, or to spectate!

February 27th, Wednesday
  • Sign-ups Opens at 8pm PST
March 4th, Monday
  • Confirmation email from teams to be sent.
March 5th, Tuesday
  • Sign-ups Close at 8pm PST
March 7th, Thursday
  • Assigned brackets will be released.
March 9th, Saturday
  • Matches begin at 8pm PST
March 10th, Sunday
  • Remaining matches begin at 8pm PST

As we get closer to the tournament, be sure to check back here for brackets, stream links, and more! Once the event is over this page will serve as a hall of fame to our glorious winners!

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