Red Post Collection: DJ Sona ~25% discount at release, Lunar Revel winding down, Unreleased Dunkmaster Darius Login, Party Rewards on PBE, and more!

[Update 11 PM PST: Added more from Lyte on the new Party Rewards!]

Tonight's red post collection includes confirmation DJ Sona will have a ~25% off discount on release, a reminder that Lunar Revel winding down and legacy content will soon leave the shop, a look at the new Party Rewards currently on the PBE, an unreleased login screen for Dunkmaster Darius, and more.
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DJ Sona to be discounted to 2450 RP (~25% off) at launch

WizardCrab confirmed earlier today that DJ Sona will normally be priced at 3250 RP but will have a ~25% discount, lowering her to 2450 RP, at release.
"For those wondering, DJ Sona will be 3250 RP and we’re discounting her by ~25% to 2450 RP for her initial release."
For more information on this upcoming ultimate tier skin, check out the DJ Sona announcement page!
This is compared to the 50% discount on Pulsefire Ezreal's release and 40% discount for Spirt Guard Udyr's release.

Lunar Revel festivities wind down

Here's Riot Paradox with a reminder that the Lunar Revel legacy content - Dragonblade Riven, Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, and the two new summoner icons - and bundles will be leaving the shop  at the end of the day on February 23rd!
"The sky lights up as one last round of fireworks explodes, celebrating the end of this year’s Lunar Revel. Legacy content (listed below) heads back into the vault when the festivities end so grab all your favorites by February 23! 
  • Dragonblade Riven
  • Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
  • Firecracker Icon
  • Year of the Goat Icon"
Check out our Lunar Revel 2015 post for a preview of these and other Lunar Revel content!

[PBE] Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards

Riot Socrates has posted up an announcement regarding the new Party Rewards that are currently testing on the PBE:
"Hey everyone, 
We all know queuing up with friends makes League more fun. The feature Player Behavior’s testing adds a chance at bonus IP rewards based on the size of your premade party. Basically, playing with more friends means you’ll win more IP. 
Here’s how it works: 
If you enter (any) queue with a premade party, the group earns a chance at a chunk of bonus IP at the end of the game. There is a chance that your group earns no Party Reward, but larger premade parties win higher tiers of IP rewards. Some lucky players will even earn rare, but massive IP prizes. If you queue alone, you won’t be eligible for Party Rewards, so party up! 
We’re still tweaking the exact values of Party Rewards, but we’re excited to share the feature and collect feedback from the PBE community. Let us know what you think!"

This is currently enabled and testing on the PBE as of Feb 19th:

When asked if the IP varies based on queue, Socrates commented:
"Yea, there is a queue modifier so SR matchmade modes have the best rewards and other queues receive smaller rewards with bot games being the lowest."
Lyte also noted there is currently no limited to how much you can earn per day:
"There is no limit on the amount of party rewards you can earn in a day. Play with friends and get as many rewards as you like!"

As for the current maximum you can earn from the bonus, Socrates noted:
"The largest reward you can get is 16x the IP you earned for the game. So if you earned 100 Ip in a game, it would be a 1600 Ip bonus. A reward that large is of course super rare. The more common rewards are smaller than that, but scale up based on your party size."
Lyte added::
"The numbers aren't final, as we'll be testing a few iterations on the PBE; however, currently the jackpots are 16x bonuses. They are huge :)"
Lyte also noted the party rewards will stack with other IP bonuses:
"Actually, the Party Reward bonus can get huge and if I recall, stacks with all other IP sources. For example, IP Boosts apply to Party Rewards too. I can double check."

When asked if this weeks in ranked queues, Lyte confirmed:
"It works for Ranked Queues too, so go duo it up!"
and IP boots:
"The Party Rewards do work with IP Boosts."

Lyte also noted that there will be a clear indicator if you do actually win something:
"For now, you'll see a new bar in the IP Sources bar at end of game screen. 
If you hit the jackpot... something happens too."

As for if this will be permanent, Lyte replied:
"We're not sure yet. We'll test on PBE, and see how things go. We're thinking a 2 week beta on live servers after, then decide after that."

When asked if the idea for this came from similar systems in other games, Lyte noted:
"Usually, most studios have ideas designed/planned for awhile before a dev team can jump on it and develop it. Party Rewards are one of those features most game designers know about :) 
I knew many games had similar 'premade rewards,' HotS of course being experience instead of IP. However, I think it benefits all games to learn from each other to push for the best experience. For example, HotS has a version of LeaverBuster now that's cool, and DOTA2 has a chat mute system."

[PBE] Player Behavior on the PBE

Speaking of the PBE, Riot Chesties has put up a post regarding several player behavior systems being implemented on the PBE to facilitate a better testing environment:

Last week we posted on Boards about an upcoming (now in-progress) approval wave for PBE applicants. We're excited to welcome these new testers to PBE as they provide both additional testing manpower and new perspectives. We appreciate all you vets making new testers feel welcome and contributing to a positive PBE environment.

In the post I linked, we also mentioned upcoming Player Behavior measures aimed at improving the PBE experience. The first of these measures is actually already in place - we enabled Leaverbuster earlier this week. One thing to note is that this feature will work differently than it does on the live servers, with both lower punishment thresholds and shorter penalties (e.g. leave a game and you might be immediately Leaverbustered, but only for one game). We made these changes to suit the PBE's unique testing requirements, and will continue to tune the system over time based on its effectiveness.

We'll also shortly be implementing both chat restriction and intentional feeding detection. Once again, keep in mind that these measures may be tweaked from their live server versions in order to accommodate the PBE's particular needs.

Ultimately, more testers on the PBE plus targeted Player Behavior measures equal a better environment for providing content feedback and identifying critical bugs. We'll continue to keep an eye on PBE data in the wake of these steps and take additional measures if necessary to maintain a high-quality, high-output environment.

Thanks for contributing to the PBE!

Riot Chesties"

Interested in signing up to be PBE tester? Follow this link for more information!

Dunkmaster Darius Unreleased Login Screen

Last up we have an unreleased Dunkmaster Darius login screen   that Kungfu Gopher shared on his youtube account:

This was going to be a planned login screen for the Dunkmaster Darius skin for League of Legends. Due to limited space in the release schedule this screen never quite made it to completion - but it was a ton of fun to work on!
Animation by Kungfu Gopher
Jammin' beat by marignak"
When asked about why the screen never made it, KungfuGopher noted:
Probably because of the crowd of other things happening that warranted a log-in screen at the time. Other things going on at the time included Worlds and the Sion relaunch, both of which obviously warrants a log-in screen of their own.
You're pretty much dead on. We started production on this but had so much content coming out at the same time, much of which deserved its own time in the spotlight. So it never got finished. Unfortunately sometimes you have to pick and choose. Had to share that song with you guys though- another slam dunk by marignak! (terrible puns are terrible)

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