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Hello! Welcome to the SUPPORT SURRENDER AT 20 page! Here you will find various ways you can go above and beyond to support the site and crew, including monetary donation options such as Patreon and Paypal Donate as well as affiliate links through Amazon where you can support the site by purchasing things you already plan to buy at no additional cost to you.

Remember - everyone who visits and frequents supports Surrender at 20 in their own way! All of you have helped grow S@20 into the site it is today and we are very thankful. Please do not feel obligated to donate and please do not give above your means!

Thank you!


Patreon is a system where fans of S@20 can pledge a monetary donation to the site every month to help support the site and keep the WIP SHIP afloat! Pledging over a certain amount each month earns you small perks such as a discord distinction or a funny picture.

We are trying out a S@20 Patreon to supplement the side and footer ads, which are currently the sole source of income for Moobeat and Aznbeat as full time employees of Surrender at 20.


If you'd like to contribute a monetary donation to the crew here at Surrender at 20, click below to do so using via Paypal or Credit card

If you are interested in providing physical items for giveaways on social media, such as art, craftables or whatever else, email me at [Moobeat@Surrenderat20.netand we can try to work something out!


[Coming soon? Got ideas or recommendations? Email me at]


We also have an amazon affiliate link available! By using our links or widgets on Amazon, S@20 will received a small portion of the sale price back at no extra charge to you! These programs are a great way to support us by buying things you already planned to pick up without paying anything extra.

Just click the links below or use the Amazon search bar to find your products!

For example, purchasing Riot Point codes through the Amazon banner or link below will send back ~5% of the total purchase amount back to the site. This deal works with anything you'd normally purchase through Amazon, even if it is a pair of shoes or something not related to LoL!

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