TSM Invitationals #11

Posted on at 10:08 PM by Seranaya
Earlier in the evening, TSM hosted another one of their invitational tournaments!
Read on for information about who played, how it went down, and who won!

IronStylus on Battle Priestess Soraka

Posted on at 10:01 PM by Moobeat
If you're like me, you were really excited when the news rolled out about a new Soraka skin accompanying the long awaited Soraka visual update and then, once the update was released, you were crushed at the lack of a new skin.

Luckily, IronStylus flew by the forums to drop off an explanation of where our Soraka skin is and what the deal was with that leaked image that circulated the web a few weeks ago.
Here is the of "Battle Priestess Soraka" that IronStylus mentioned was floating around. Note: This IS NOT and DOES NOT reflect the final skin.

Continue reading to check out IronStylus' full statement on the matter.

Team Curse Roster

Posted on at 7:06 PM by Seranaya
Team Curse has announced their plans for their roster.
From left to right: Nyjacky, Cop, Saintvicious, Elementz, Westrice
Interested in what their lineup is going to be? Continue on!

About the price of Mecha Kha'Zix and Morello on the Future of LoL

Posted on at 3:46 AM by Moobeat
I'm glad to see you've taken time away from playing our newest champion to return to good ole' Surrender at 20. As a reward, here are a handful of the latest and most interesting red posts!
Continue reading for an explanation of why Mecha Kha'Zix carries such a steep price point and several posts by Morello concerning some initiatives coming into play for S3 and the future of League of Legends.

Champion & Skin Sale 9/28 - 10/1

Posted on at 4:44 PM by Moobeat
The next installment of our routine champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! This sale, which lasts between September 28th and October 1st, features Fizz for 487 RP, Xerath for 487 RP, Malphite for 292 RP, Caterpillar Kog'Maw for 260 RP, Djinn Malzahar for 487 RP, and High Command Katarina for 487 RP.

Continue reading for video previews of the skins that are on sale...

Sultan Tryndamere now available!

Posted on at 1:44 PM by Moobeat
Sultan Tryndamere is now available for purchase and, in celebration of the Turkish server launch, he is temporarily available for the lowered price of 487 RP!
Continue reading for more information and a video preview of this bad boy!

Kha'Zix and Release Bundle now Available

Posted on at 1:19 PM by Moobeat
Kha'Zix, his release skin, Mecha Kha'Zix, and the release bundle containing both of them are now available on live servers.
Continue reading to for some additional screenshots and videos to help you decide if it's worth picking up.

New Particles in Soraka CS, Hippalus on Runes & Rune Pages, and the return of Featured Games

Posted on at 10:54 PM by Moobeat
Eager for the game to update and nothing to do until the servers come back up from the deployment of the Late September Patch?? How about you munch down on these few delicious red posts!!
Continue reading to see some red posts tackling the unannounced new particles seen in the Soraka champion spotlight, the answers an eCommerce question about promotions involving Runes and Rune Pages, and a bit about the return of featured spectating.

Kha'Zix Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 7:09 PM by Moobeat
The Kha'Zix champion spotlight has been released! Check it out below to familiarize yourself with our upcoming champion and learn about his new evolution system.

If we take a closer look around 4:38, it appears there might just be a spooky new look for wards on the way!
 Guess we'll have to wait until closer to this year's Harrowing event to be sure :)

Recap of Redbeard's AMA about the Season Two Finals

Posted on at 6:57 PM by Moobeat
RedBeard, Riot's Vice President of eSports, took to reddit to host an Ask Me Anything about the Season 2 World Championship Playoffs and Finals.
Continue reading to see a recap of some of the more interesting answers, including information about what services will be used to stream, when we can expect the Riven icon/skin, additional ticket availability, and more!

Late September Patch Notes

Posted on at 5:48 PM by Moobeat
The Late September Patch is set to be deployed later tonight! Servers will come down at 1 AM PDT for NA, 2 AM CEST for EUNE, and 2 AM UK time for EUW in preparation for the patch.
Continue reading for the full set of patch notes including the announcement that Kha'Zix will be released at a later date, the Soraka model update, changes for Rengar, Buffs for Syndra, bug fixes for Xin Zhao, and more!

Champion Spotlight: Soraka, the Starchild

Posted on at 12:12 PM by Moobeat
 Previews of the new Dryad Soraka, Normal Soraka, and Divine Soraka.
Seeing as how she is getting a visual update in the upcoming patch, Riot has put up a Champion Spotlight for Soraka. the Starchild! Take a gander below to see her new model, animations, and spell effects in action. In the event you aren't very familiar with Soraka but want to get caught up to speed so you can enjoy her remodel, the video will help you out with helpful item builds, rune/mastery set ups, and general game play tips.
Continue reading for a better look at the updated splash arts and a change to Red / Blue buff that's visible during the spotlight.

9-25 PBE Update: Pentakill Olaf and Mecha Kha'Zix splashes

Posted on at 2:35 AM by Moobeat
Small PBE update went out earlier, which included completed splash arts for the release Kha'Zix skin and the new Olaf skin.
Continue reading for a glimpse at the full sized splash arts!

9-24 PBE Update ( cont. ):More Pieces of the upcoming Honor System

Posted on at 4:59 AM by Moobeat
Remember the Honor system, Riot's upcoming positive feedback initiative that allows players to "report" teammates for being standup players? While we saw a bunch of files added in the initial Kha'Zix PBE patch, it seems a few more pieces of the still incomplete system may have sneaked their way into the most recent PBE patch and, thanks to Pabro from reddit, I'm able to share them with you!
Screen caps of the the new animations from the "kudos.swf" file within the PBE client.
Continue reading for a sneak peak at some of these unfinished resources!

About "The Hunt is On!" and more eCommerce goodness.

Posted on at 2:31 AM by Moobeat
Red posts are coming! Red posts are coming! 
Continue reading for a few red posts concerning the Rengar / Kha'Zix interactions and a few posts from Hippalus about future eCommerce stuff.

9-24 PBE Update: Skins enabled for testing and Rengar Nerfs

Posted on at 9:41 PM by Moobeat
A small patch was deployed to the Public Beta Environment tonight! It enabled two of the new skins for testing and contained more changes to Rengar.
Continue reading for a closer peek at the changes!

New Champion & Skin Sale 9/25 - 9/28

Posted on at 8:38 PM by Moobeat
It's time for a new sale! This time around you can pick up Volibear for 487 RP, Xin Zhao for 487 RP, Brand for 487 RP, Reverse Annie for 487 RP, Bandit Sivir for 487 RP, and Hextech Anivia for 487 RP. These sale prices are good between September 25th and September 28th so act fast!

Continue reading to check out video previews of the skins that are on sale!

Rammus Hat Giveaway! [ CLOSED ]

Posted on at 2:59 AM by Moobeat
 ( The contest is over and the winner has been messaged! Thanks for participating! )
Don't you guys just get SICK of all the free stuff we giveaway over here at Surrender at 20? What's that?! YOU DON'T?!? Good news for your then because I have a wonderfully comfy Rammus hat to give away!
Continue reading for details on how you can powerball your way into winning a free hat!

"The Tournament" by CLG

Posted on at 8:40 AM by Seranaya
HotShotGG took to reddit yesterday to discuss the possibilities for a tournament hosted by Counter Logic Gaming.
Continue reading to see what they have in mind!

Lu Bu Jarvan IV and Zhao Yun Xin Zhao revealed!

Posted on at 12:56 PM by Moobeat
We finally have some information about the Romance of the Three Kingdom's skins discovered in the PBE files a while back! Lu Bu Jarvan IV and Zhao Yun Xin Zhao were both unveiled at a recent event celebrating the one year anniversary of League of Legends in China.
Continue reading for more shots and information about these upcoming and highly anticipated skins!

Rabadon's Deathcap Necklace Giveaway [CLOSED]

Posted on at 4:44 AM by Moobeat
 ( contest closed and winner has been messaged! thanks for entering guys! )
It's time for another wonderful giveaway! I'm giving away a lovely, handmade Rabadon's Deathcap necklace!

Season 2 World Championships

Posted on at 8:54 PM by Seranaya
Now that the Korean regionals are over and done with, we have our full 12 teams that will be participating in the Season 2 World Championship!
Continue on to find out who won the Korean regionals and what exactly is going down at the World Championships

9-21 PBE Patch: Small changes and New Lux Splash Back

Posted on at 8:19 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated with a very small patch!
Continue reading to check out the three splash art changes, nerfs for Rengar's W, and some small tweaks to Sultan Tryndamere!

Inside Design: the Evolution of Kha’Zix

Posted on at 8:10 PM by Moobeat
Here is the Inside Design, an segment interviewing all the Rioters behind a new champion, entry for Kha'Zix!
This is a demonstration of what Kha'Zix looks like after each of his evolutions take place.
Continue reading to catch up on how the team came out with Kha'Zix, how they sculpted his kit, and how they came upon the fancy new evolution system.

RP Price reductions on Kass, Rammus, Swain, and Trundle

Posted on at 4:45 PM by Moobeat
Hippalus is back and this time he comes bearing a handful of RP price reductions for Kassadin, Rammus, Swain, and Trundle!
The new prices are as follows:
Kassadin has been reduced to 690 RP.
Rammus has been reduced to 690 RP.
 Swain has been reduced to 850 RP.
Trundle has been reduced to 850 RP.
The reductions have already been applied to live servers and are ready to be reaped. Anyone planning on picking up any of these bad boys?

Oktoberfest Gragas now available!

Posted on at 4:24 PM by Moobeat
Oktoberfest Gragas is now available on NA, EUW, and EUNE! He'll run you 975 Riot Points and, in addition to his traditional attire, he features new particles and a new recall animation!
Continue reading for a preview of this festive skin and a delightful little comic from Riot.

9-20 PBE Update: Kha'Zix, New skins, Soraka Update, and more!

Posted on at 7:41 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated with a massive patch, including a new champion, new skins, new features, and more!
Continue reading for anything and everything about our new champion Kha'Zix, shots of the new Tryndamere and Olaf skins, previews of  the newly updated Soraka models, examples of the new Honor system, balance changes, and some tiny odds and ends, including changes to wards and Co-Op Vs AI.

New Champion & Skin Sale 9/21 - 9/24

Posted on at 6:16 PM by Moobeat
It's sale time again! Between September 21st and 24th you can pick up Lulu for 487 RP, Twisted Fate for 292 RP, Warwick for 292 RP, Sakura Karma for 260 RP, Bloodfury Renekton for 487 RP, and Sailor Gangplank for 487 RP.

Continue reading for video previews of the skins that are on sale!

On Kha'Zix, Void Champions, Skill Floor & Ceiling, and more!

Posted on at 2:59 PM by Moobeat
Rioters have been blowing up the forums lately and, as a result,I have a grab bag of red posts for you!
Continue reading for posts concerning the heated "Kha'Zix is just Rengar 2.0" debate, a small comment about Kha'Zix's release skin, a hint about ANOTHER upcoming Void champion, Morello discussing the differences between skill floor and skill ceiling,the accidental removal of the spectating list, a response from Riot about the surge of "drop hacks" floating around, and an AMA style thread about Syndra's creative design.

Visual Upgrade: Soraka, the Starchild

Posted on at 1:39 PM by Moobeat
At long last, it's here! It's really here! Riot has just put up these stunning images of Soraka's long awaited visual upgrade! This isn't all though; her update also includes new animations, spell effects / particles, a new voice over, and updates two both of her currently available skins!
I must admit, Soraka is lookin' good! Click here for a before and after to see just how good.

So now that you've seen it, what do you think about the Starchild's new look? Hopefully we will see a Public Beta Environment update sometime very soon where we can give her a test drive for ourselves.

4PL All or Nothing

Posted on at 7:28 AM by Seranaya
4PL All or Nothing is going on today with a really great lineup of teams!
Want to know who's playing? Continue reading!

Introducing Honor.

Posted on at 8:40 PM by Moobeat
Lyte made a delightful announcement in General Discussion about an upcoming system called Honor, a long awaited system that allows players to commend Summoners who have good attitudes and promote healthy game play. Check out his post about this "anti-report" feature coming:
"We here at Riot have been hard at work trying to improve player behavior in League of Legends. Historically, we’ve reacted to toxic players through systems like LeaverBuster and the Tribunal that are great at identifying and punishing the worst of worst. However, players will often challenge Team Player Behavior and say, “Dr. Lyte, how are you a doctor?? Don’t know you know that positive reinforcement can also improve player behavior?” We agree with you! We know that we have a great community, but we haven’t done a great job providing tools to empower this community to proactively be even more awesome.

Today, we’d like to introduce Honor, our positive feedback initiative. We’re well versed in research done on concepts in psychology such as positive reinforcement and how it can improve behaviors, and we’ve also found that some of the most meaningful, memorable moments in League come from the positive interactions players have with each other. Everyone’s had one of these days: You are struggling in a game and find yourself in a situation where a teammate could have easily trolled or flamed you, but instead goes out of his way to be a helpful, compassionate team-player. He says, “Hey, don’t worry about the first blood.” You may not friend this player or ever play with him again, but this small, kind gesture made a difference and is something you remembered.

Through Honor you’ll be able to give something lasting back to those players who went out of their way to make your game experience better. Keep an eye out for Honor with the next PBE update, and expect to hear more about it in an upcoming patch!"

New Refund Feature is live!

Posted on at 7:21 PM by Moobeat
The new refund feature is live and available for use within the client! No more emailing support when you accidentally purchase a skin or change your mind on that latest legendary purchase. Granted this feature is currently restricted to THREE uses per account, it's sure to ease the load of Riot Support.
Continue reading for the full post on details of the system and some red posts relating to it.

Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver, Revealed!

Posted on at 3:04 PM by Moobeat
The reveal of our next champion, Kha'Zix, is out!
Continue reading to read to enjoy a preview of his model, abilities,a bit of insight into how he is going to function, and the low down on his new "Evolution point" system.

New Tryndamere skin to celebrate the launch of the Turkish Servers

Posted on at 9:26 AM by Moobeat
 edit: Turns out this skin is actually named Sultan Tryndamere. Check out more info here...

Thanks to the Turkish League of Legends facebook page, feast your eyes on the skin that will be released in honor of the launch of Turkish game client... introducing Conqueror Tryndamere!
This skin will be joining the ranks of other region specific client release skins, such as Mythic Cass for the Greek client, Special Forces Gangplank for the BR client, and Glaive Warrior Pantheon for the Romanian client.
In the announcement, the skin is referred to as Fatih Tryndamere and the word "Fatih" is Turkish for conqueror. This syncs up rather nicely with the Conqueror Tryndamere sound files uncovered in an earlier PBE build, so I can only assume Conqueror will be the official skin name.

Additionally, there is a small sound clip up in the page so it seems like this skin might just have a region specific voice over just like Special Forces Gangplank!

Syndra Buffs and Soraka visual update "very soon"

Posted on at 1:59 AM by Moobeat
I have two, count 'em two, small red posts for you. One is about the possibility of Syndra buffs and the other pertains to the long awaited Soraka visual update.
Continue reading to check out the two red posts!

ELO Buff Giveaway Round 2 ( CLOSED )

Posted on at 9:54 PM by Moobeat
  ( Contest is over! Thanks for entering! )
You guys liked it last time so I'm back again with more ELOBUFF trial accounts to give away!
Continue reading for details on how to enter and win a month of free access!

World Championship Hotfix Notes + Patch Preview

Posted on at 4:15 PM by Moobeat
edit: The hotfix has been deployed! Enjoy!

Behold the World Championship hotfix notes and overview! This upcoming "patch" is labelled as a hotfix because, as the name implies, shouldn't require maintenance and is aimed only at balance changes and bug fixes, not facilitating new content.

Here is the hotfix overview, detailing the thought process behind most of the bigger changes.
Continue reading for the full hotfix notes, covering changes not mentioned in the overview.

Soraka and Warwick Lore Updates

Posted on at 12:15 PM by Moobeat
RiotRuaan is currently hosting an AMA style thread talking about lore changes coming to Soraka and Warwick, two champions with intertwining stories.
Continue reading for the preface to the changes and both Soraka and Warwick's new lore entries!

Update on the Korean Regionals

Posted on at 7:57 PM by Seranaya
We're halfway through the Korean Regionals and we have progressed to the top three places.
Continue reading to catch an update on all the action as the excitement continues!

Champion Sneak Peek – Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver

Posted on at 6:27 PM by Moobeat
Are you ready to meet our next champion, Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver?
Continue reading for the full teaser image and text, as well as some relevant red posts.

New Champion & Skin Sale 9/18 - 9/21

Posted on at 4:32 PM by Moobeat
A new sale starts tomorrow! The selections this time around include Fiddlesticks for 292 RP, Viktor for 487 RP, Hecarim for 487 RP, Darkforge Jarvan for 487 RP, Prototype Viktor for 487 RP, and Sherwood Forest Ashe for 260 RP. This half price sale only lasts until September 21st so make sure to make your purchases before it's too late!

Continue reading for some skin spotlights of the discounted items

More Nerfs for Yorick

Posted on at 9:28 AM by Moobeat
It seems Yorick players can expect a few more tentative nerfs coming down the pipe line. According to Ricklessabanadon,there are more PBE nerfs than we originally anticipated. He says:
"if you're referring to the pbe changes, yorick should also have a couple changes to his ghouls which reduce their effectiveness early on.
ghouls no should no longer block pathing for enemies, and their movement speed has been changed to:
300 for levels 1-5 (lowered from 350)
340 for levels 6-8 (lowered from 380)
390 for levels 9-11 (lowered from 410)
443 for levels 12-18 (same maximum as before)

again, those are on pbe so they're still in testing."
Are these, combined with the mana increase on his W, enough to tone down Yorick's punishing early game?

Larger Changes > Small changes as we approach S3

Posted on at 11:26 PM by Moobeat
In a community thread about Sejuani being sent back to the drawing board, ricklessabandon explained the unlikely reality of smaller projects come to fruition in the next month or so with S2 finals and bigger projects looming over head.
"no, no updates yet. it's pretty safe to say that there won't be any new public information for at least the next month or so since live design as a whole will be heavily involved with the season 2 finals and/or transition into season 3.

since there's a possibility for larger changes (e.g., season 2's mastery and jungle changes) that could significantly impact champion projects, it would be prudent to let the larger changes develop and settle before pushing forward with champion adjustments."
 I believe this "bigger projects > little projects"  is very important to remember! As he mentions, the mastery update and jungle changes we saw after the conclusion of season one had a pretty massive impact on the game.  So far the big projects we've been privy to so far are the Top Lane changes and "macro solution" for items.

Tribunal Update is Live

Posted on at 3:49 AM by Moobeat
 9/15 edit: Looks like they disabled it temporary. Boo! Lyte says:
"Tribunal is back up, but Justice Reviews and Halls of Justice are still closed for now while we work on them. Tribunal settings are stricter now and should be more aggressive against toxic players.

We'll need lots of feedback when Justice Reviews re-open."

The previously mentioned updates to Tribunal, including the new Justice Review, Hall of Justice, and the removal of IP rewards, are now live!
Want to try it out yourself? Go give it a whirl!

9-14 PBE update: Balance Changes galore!

Posted on at 10:47 PM by Moobeat
 The PBE has been updated with a small patch containing mostly balance changes.
 Continue reading to see the TENTATIVE and UNOFFICIAL notes for this PBE patch!

Nemesis Jax now available!

Posted on at 3:23 PM by Moobeat
Nemesis Jax is now available for purchase on NA, EUW, and EUNE! Featuring a slew of new purple particles, this skin can be yours for 975 Riot Points!
Continue reading for a delightful video preview.

Update from Hippalus on upcoming promotions

Posted on at 1:48 PM by Moobeat
Hippalus has posted a lengthy update to his previous Introduction and AMA style thread where he was interacting with players and answering any questions they could throw at him.
Continue reading for a sneak peek at what sort of sales and promotions we will see by the end of the year and what we can expect a bit farther out, including new types of purchasable content coming in late 2012, the possible return of legacy skins in December 2012, and much more!

Polish Players on EUW urged to transfer EUNE after PLN payment option removed

Posted on at 1:34 PM by Moobeat
Riot is urging Polish players on EUW to transfer to EUNE and offering them free server transfers to facilitate the move. This stems from the fact that Riot is removing the PLN currency as a payment option in the EUW store, offering a fully localized client over on EUNE platform.

Even though no player will be forced to transfer, Riot assures players support for Polish players will be focused primarily on EUNE. Continue reading for full details.

Two for the Price of One Rune Pages until 9/20

Posted on at 7:55 PM by Moobeat
Everyone's been asking for a reduction on rune page prices and Hippalus, Riot's new eCommerce Director, mustered up a small promotion to satiate those demands.
Between now and September 20th, you can purchase two rune pages for the price of one! This two rune page bundle is available for 6300 IP or 590 RP.

New Champion and Skin Sale 9/14 - 9/17

Posted on at 7:04 PM by Moobeat
New sale! The selection this time around features Talon for 487 RP, Sion for 292 RP, Evelynn for 292 RP, Aristocrat Vayne for 260 RP, Crimson Elite Talon for 487 RP, and Resistance Caitlyn for 260 RP. These discounted prices are only good between September 14th and September 17th! After that they will return to their normal prices.

Continue reading for video previews of this sale's skin selections!