Tribunal Daily Limit Increased to 15

Posted on at 6:06 PM by Moobeat

Have fun out there judging more cases about jerks and feeders. Don't forget the old adage "Judge not lest ye be not given IP". Ok, I stretched that one out a bit. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

We just increased votes per day in the Tribunal to 15. Enjoy. Should be live now. We also reset votes in progress, so if you already did your cases today, you can do them again for more credit. Today being 11/30 

- Zileas, Design Director, via the official forums.

Riot wants to hotfix the "new" jungle.

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With a less than a day since the jungle was updated, Riot has posted their intentions to hopefully apply a hotfix to tweak the numbers a bit. This comes from a general disappointment and concern by players about the new jungle. If you visited general discussion today, I think you know the sheer amount of threads about the subject was staggering. I played a handful of jungle games today and I have to admit I found it difficult to keep up with the lanes, especially after failing to succeed at a gank.

Hey folks,

After letting the jungle settle for a day and not only reading the feedback on the forums, but watching streamers, discussing with high-level players, and running some additional internal testing and mathcraft, we will be making changes to the jungle, likely tomorrow. 

What will be the scope of these changes, and what are we trying to fix?

* XP Rate: This isn't as smoothed out as we'd liked (or was intended) and has been the most noticeable problem in the new jungle. While we do think this is not as drastically far off as some believe, it is lower than intended. We'll likely make updates here, especially relating to small camps. 

* Penalty of missed ganks: While we do like this tradeoff, we don't like the tradeoff ratio here, something you guys have also felt pretty substantially. Changes made will effect this for the better, whether in increased reward or reduced resource loss.

* Gold Rate: Jungler gold is slightly lower than needed, and this is also related to small camp gold. We will be more careful here as to not make counter-jungling worse (since it revolves largely on stealing the big monsters out of camps), but will be evaluating this.

Classick, Guinsoo and I will be doing some final proposals and mathcraft in the morning, in hopes to release it in a hotfix. I'll try to provide status updates as we get more information. Details to come.
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

A Few Hidden Goodies in the Volibear Patch

Posted on at 6:03 PM by Moobeat
So, here are two little things that managed to sneak themselves into this patch.

First off, Red buff now procs on direct damage spells ( i.e spells like Urgot's Q or Annie's Q ). I remember a while back when Guinsoo commented on spells applying the Red Buff as "OP" but I guess it remains to be seen how this will pan out. The idea of a handful of junglers coming out the with, what will essentially be, Nunu's Q is.. diabolical and will certainly open a few new options for CC less junglers such as Akali.

Secondly, it appears as if Warwick has received a new run animation and a new animation for his Q. Check it out in this video from LerajeRandom.

edit: It looks like Volibear and Zilean have some flavor "secret passives" when you get them on opposite teams.

New Skins in Volibear Patch

Posted on at 12:59 AM by Moobeat
Looks like we have five new skins coming our way in the Volibear patch. I can bearly contain myself. Thanks to Slushe on reddit!

Silverfang Akali
Imperial Lux
Hyena Warwick
Frost Queen Janna
Something Tristana ( Not In Game Yet )

edit: Here is Riot's release thingy-ma-bober for the Volibear, Lux, and Akali skins.

Volibear Champion Spotlight and Patch Notes

Posted on at 12:20 AM by Moobeat
A-bear-ently, Riot has posted the Volibear champion spotlight a little earlier than we are used to!

In the grizzly situation you missed the Volibear skins or the new Gangplank model, take a peek below!

Finally we have the patch notes for the new patch. No big surprises here again, can't wait to gander at those new Lux and Akali skins though. Yum.
New Skins in the Store
  • Thunder Lord Volibear
  • Northern Storm Volibear
  • Silverfang Akali
  • Imperial Lux

League of Legends v1.0.0.130
Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar
  • Rolling Thunder: Volibear drops to all fours and runs faster if chasing an enemy champion. The first enemy he attacks is knocked into the air and flung behind Volibear.
  • Frenzy: Volibear's repeated attacks grant him additional attack speed. Once Volibear has repeatedly attacked three times, he can perform a vicious bite on his target.
  • Majestic Roar: Volibear lets out a powerful roar that damages and slows enemies. Minions and monsters are feared as well.
  • Thunder Claws: Volibear channels the power of the storm causing his attacks to blast his targets with lightning that bounces to other nearby enemies.
  • Chosen of the Storm (passive): Volibear heals rapidly for a few seconds when his health drops to a critical level.

  • Urchin Strike's targeting updating to hit targets slightly earlier
  • Urchin Strike's attack component can no longer be dodged

Jarvan IV
  • Martial Cadence (Passive)
    • Damage changed to physical from magic
    • Damage changed to 6/8/10% (at levels 1/7/13) of the target's current health from 8%
    • No longer procs spell effects such as Rylai's or Spell Vamp
  • Increased the hitbox size of Demacian Standard when targeted by Dragon Strike

  • Wall of Pain
    • Wall duration reduced to 5 seconds from 7
    • Now only affects a target once (instead of reapplying every pass through)
  • Fixed a bug where Leona's passive and the Dominion center Sigil could cause an immediate double kill against Karthus

  • Fixed a bug which caused Force Pulse to cast backwards after performing Rift Walk

  • Shunpo now always moves Katarina behind the target regardless if Killer Instincts is active

  • Fixed a bug where if you killed an enemy that exploded using Icathian Surprise, the enemy was awarded an extra kill (Shaco Hallucinate clone, Maokai)
  • Fixed a bug where Brand's Pyroclasm would give Brand an extra kill if it was traveling toward Kog'maw when Icathian Surprise triggered
  • Fixed a bug where if Ignite killed Kog'maw, it would cause Icathian Surprise to not trigger
  • Fixed a bug where Vayne's Silvered Bolts sometimes caused Icathian Surprise to not trigger

  • Blade of the Exile tooltip updated to display how much attack damage you will gain. It has also been clarified to state that Blade of the Exile scales off TOTAL attack damage, not bonus attack damage.

Sivir (Remake)
  • General
    • Attack range increased to 500 from 425
    • Attack missile speed increased to 1400 from 1200
    • Updated her attack frames to be more responsive
    • Base attack speed reduced to .658 from .679
    • Base attack damage reduced to 49 from 52.11
    • Updated recommended items
  • Fleet of Foot (Passive) – Remake
    • Sivir’s basic attacks against enemy champions grant her 50 Movement Speed for 2 seconds
  • Boomerang Blade
    • Mana cost reduced to 70/80/90/100/110 from 80/90/100/110/120
    • Damage changed to physical from magic
    • Bonus attack damage ratio increased to 1.1 from 1.0
    • No longer has an ability power ratio
  • Ricochet - Remake
    • Sivir’s next basic attack bounces to 5 additional targets dealing 20/35/50/65/80 (+ 1.0 Attack Damage) physical damage to the first target and 25% reduced damage to each subsequent target. 7/6/5/4/3 second cooldown. 40 Mana cost.
  • On The Hunt
    • Now additionally applies the buff to allies who come into range while On the Hunt is active rather than only on activation.
    • Attack speed bonus changed to 30/45/60% from 30/60/90%
    • Allied attack speed gain increased to half of Sivir’s bonus from a third
    • Cooldown adjusted to 100/90/80 seconds from 90

  • Shatter ability power ratio increased to 0.6 from 0.4
  • Radiance ability power ratio increased to 0.7 from 0.6

  • Fixed a couple small bugs introduced to Condemn with Fizz patch

  • Fixed a bug where Ignite's tick damage dealing the killing blow caused Omen of Death to fail to reanimate its bearer
  • Fixed a bug where Leona's Sunlight passive and the Dominion center Sigil could cause an immediate double kill against the Omen of Death target
  • Fixed a bug where if Ignite killed the Omen of Death bearer, they would not be reanimated
  • Fixed a bug where Vayne's Silvered Bolts sometimes caused Omen of Death to fail to reanimate its bearer

  • Health Potions now restore 150 health over 15 seconds (instead of 200 health over 20 seconds)
  • Madred's Razor
    • Proc chance increased to 20% from 15%
    • Proc damage reduced to 300 from 500
  • Mana Potions now restore 100 mana over 15 seconds (from 100 over 20)
  • Wriggle's Lantern proc damage reduced to 425 from 500

  • Chat window location will be now saved between games
  • Improved the targeting algorithms; it should now be much easier to select units that are obscured
  • Damage from lane minions to champions reduced by about 15%
  • Jungle Adjustments
    • Small camps now respawn faster, but have reduced rewards
    • Small camps now have a Healing Sigil, healing the killer based upon how much health they are missing
    • Neutral monsters now have their health, damage, experience reward, and gold reward increase with game length, instead of having health increases with each respawn
    • Neutral monster experience range reduced to 400 from 800 (the killer always gets experience)
    • Ancient Golem camp experience increased slightly and gold reduced slightly
    • Crest of the Ancient Golem now grants 25 flat MP5, but grants 1% regen from maximum mana, from 1.5%, and provides energy
    • Lizard Elder camp experience increased and gold reduced slightly
    • Blessing of the Lizard Elder melee slow % reduced to 8/16/24% from 10/20/30%
    • Dragon and Baron Nashor are now immune to armor and magic resist-shredding effects
    • Baron Nashor will now push wards away if you try to place one too close
    • Monsters now heal 5% immediately when they retreat (instead of after 1 second), but are easier to re-aggro

More Details on the Sivir Changes!

Posted on at 10:27 PM by Moobeat

Looks like Statikk wanted to clear up the air surrounding the  recently announced Sivir changes coming next patch, so he went ahead and gave us a few more details.
Hey guys,

I see people have a lot of concerns with the upcoming changes to Sivir, so I wanted to show you guys some of our choices and the reasoning behind those choices.

Sivir's identity, in my opinion, is extreme combat mobility and strong AoE / pushing power. We wanted to make sure that this stayed at the forefront. At the same time, Sivir's current state on Live is one of extreme situational power. One of the goals was to move her towards being more universally viable rather than only strong in a handful of situations.

Sivir's attack range is increased to 500 from 425. This is slightly under the average AD carry (550 range) in order to account for some of the unique tools Sivir has such as her high mobility and her Spell Shield. This allows us to maintain her unique high risk/reward range gameplay while also allowing her to fill the common role of the AD carry. Additionally, we were forced to slightly nerf the amount of free stats Sivir currently gets on Live for being at such a range disadvantage. We also did other various quality of life changes such as updating her attack frame to be faster / snappier.

Sivir's new passive grants her 50 Movement Speed for 2 seconds after landing a basic attack on an enemy champion. The main fun players found in Sivir's old passive was that "Attack-Moving" (constantly moving in between basic attacks) was an optimal play for Sivir especially combined with Nimbleness. This new passive allows Sivir to be very mobile in combat and allows her to both kite and chase down enemies as long as she continuously weaves in basic attacks.

Sivir's Boomerang Blade now deals physical damage, but no longer has an ability power ratio. This allows Sivir to build her masteries, runes, and items in a much more optimal way that will actually synergize. The amount of damage a perfect Boomerang Blade can deal especially at early levels now is quite scary if Sivir focuses on early Armor Penetration and Attack Damage.

Sivir's Ricochet is now an on-next-hit effect that bounces to 5 additional targets even at rank 1 and still has some damage drop off. We gave the spell some base damage and it has a base cooldown of 3 seconds at max rank. We wanted to maintain the feel of Sivir blades bouncing everywhere while also meeting some other goals such as adding user activity to the kit, increasing her single target damage, and reducing her team fight AoE potential. The damage increase this spell gives is very deceptive because of the fact that it resets her basic attack timer. In combination with Boomerang Blade, Sivir can still clear waves extremely quickly and maintains the pushing power she is feared for. The main limiter to her pushing is not her damage output, but actually mana management. This is true on Live and continues to be true in her remake.

Hopefully this gives you guys a little more insight into the upcoming changes for Sivir, and I look forward to you guys trying her out and sending us back feedback on what next steps we should take for her.
- Statikk, QA Analyst, via the official forums.

While it is upsetting to lose the toggle for W, an ability that I feel most represents what we all think of when we think of Sivir, this will undoubtedly be a shift in the right direction for her. It is only once in a blue moon you actually run into a Sivir and much less commonly do we find one that can compete on the level of other typical AD carries.

edit: Side note, I just noticed that the change to W is actually the same one that Phreak mentioned a few months ago. Huzzah!

About the Jungle Remake..

Posted on at 8:23 PM by Moobeat

I present you with a few different red posts that give a bit of insight into the recently unveiled jungle remake and clarify a bit about what Riot was aiming for with the changes.

If you are still a bit unclear on the objective of the remake, Xypherous made a post, within a thread that was presenting a generally unfavorable opinion of the remake, about some of the main goals they hoped to address:
  1. Make the Jungling experience easier to start off with, especially for lower-levels.
  2. Make Jungle harder in terms of decision points and trade-offs at high levels - Do you farm more or gank more? 
  3. Make Counter-Jungler more interesting by increasing the value of camp steals with the addition of sigil. 
  4. Even out the top-end and the bottom-end junglers - increase viable jungler diversity.
As I've mentioned in the past, the last point is what intrigues me the most. I'd love to be able to jungle effectively on some of the B and C list junglers ( Poppy and Morde jungle please! ) so that's what has me sticking to the game plan for the most part.

If you go anywhere near the forums right now, there are outcries of "WOW THIS IS GOING TO RUIN THE GAME" and "RIOT HAS NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS GOING TO DO TO BALANCE!". Zileas swooped in on the patch preview thread and dropped us a tip to comfort the concerned summoners.

"On the jungle changes, they have been tested extensively by pro players internally and externally. We used the public testing environments a lot for this, and have been testing them in the internal balance team for a very long time."

One of these players was the ever-so-awesome Stonewall008. For those who might be unaware, Stonewall is a gold elo player who specializes in everything that has to do with the jungle. For as long as I can remember, he's been cranking out the most efficient jungle builds and routes for any champion you could think of. He's had some hands on experience with the changes and had the following comments ( sorry, no spoilers or sneak peaks. just discussion ) about the remake.

Finally, we have a rather long winded post from one of the people heavily involved in the remake, Guinsoo!
Hello all,

I don't intend for this to become anything like a blog but I want to address a few points I've been seeing on the forum, and expand a bit on what the Patch Preview showed/explained. I've been involved with the jungle adjustments since they got started about 6 months ago so I'd like to post some more detailed information about the changes and their intended effects.

The small camps are where the biggest changes have been made. As the patch preview noted, they all respawn faster and they all have a sigil, but it's just a one-shot heal that heals for an increasing flat amount based on health missing. It also doesn't scale with game length, although we are considering that on the backburner (unneeded for primary set of adjustments). The primary purpose of this heal is to support low-level summoners, who generally will remain at the lowest amount of health. The reward per respawn rate has been slightly increased; if we reduced the rewards of the small camps by the amount we reduced their respawn timer by, junglers would fall significantly behind due to the increased run times. The initial spawn timers for camps have not been increased; they remain at 1:40 and 1:55.

Some things you can expect from the new jungle:

1. The time to 4 is slightly longer for most (likely all) champions. I have seen a lot of threads suggesting that the jungle has become more OP, and while I can't say that's not the case, one consequence of the shorter spawn times on small camps is that a full clear will not quite get you to 4. However, a full clear plus any small camp will get you to 4, so you have a lot of flexibility in terms of where you start and end, and if you want to gank at 4, you can set your route up to end at any small camp to gank where you want.

2. The jungle is a little less survival limited, and a little more time limited. In the current jungle on live, you have to be able to sustain yourself at least until 4, because the jungle is hard, and that's the primary inhibition. Only once a champion meets this primary criteria do others come into consideration like clear time, gank ability, transition to endgame, etc. In the new jungle, it's a little more about ability to clear the camps and ability to optimize your time. As the patch preview noted, the fact that the small camps are generally constantly respawning means you are choosing between farming your jungle, ganking, going back to shop, or counterjungling/map control, and this was a primary goal: inject more choice, unpredictability, and decision-making into jungling. However just because you're not farming your jungle constantly doesn't mean it's a waste, there's no reason that while you're ganking top bottom can't send one person to quick clear Golems. They will be back up before the jungler gets back there. Same with Wraiths, mid can clear them quickly between waves. With good coordination a team can get more farm out of the jungle, and more ganks from their jungler.

2b. By shortening the respawn timers, the jungler must choose between multiple strong actions. Currently with long gaps between jungle respawns, it creates situations with less choice than we'd like. With more things that must be tended to, the junglers job is made more difficult, while the physical jungle is made a little easier. This also ties into the predictability of ganks.

3. Ganks are a little more unpredictable. #1 and #2 (among other factors) create a scenario where the jungler has more health at all times, and the jungle is basically ready to clear at any time, so if there is a good opportunity to gank he might be more likely to take it. On the test realm we have seen more level 2 and 3 ganks than we initially expected. Ideally this should be lane-mandated and flexible: for example if a lane is being pushed hard, it should be easier for the jungler to get the gank without setting his team too far behind.

4. Counterjungling is probably a little stronger. We pushed a lot of the small camp rewards out of the small monsters and into the big ones. Taking the healing sigil and 95% of a camp's reward while leaving a monster to hold the respawn is quite strong. Additionally, Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder camps give a little more exp reward and is a little more central to a jungler's fast clear to 4, so we may see more tension and fights around these enemy camps early in the game. Still, feedback has been consistent that counterjungling feels less bad to play against because of the faster respawning camps, so that sounds like a win-win to me. I note that I say probably because we adjusted this ratio down about 2 weeks ago due to feedback that counterjungling was still too strong. We do have a feature ready where counterjungled camps respawn 100% slower (X%), but in testing counterjungling proved strong enough that we did not move forward with it. I suspect this is related to the increased time scarcity for junglers.

5. Nashor and Dragon are now immune to shreds. No more 15 second Nashors. Yay! Dragon might be a little undertuned health-wise, and we're watching it. He's tougher 1v1 or 1v2 but probably a little easier for a full group, especially later in the game.

6. I don't think the jungle has been oversimplified for experienced players. It is a little easier for new players, and they will struggle to some degree in the jungle anyway (unless prepared), but with newer players the game in general is very unpredictable. Have you ever watched a game full of new players? Lanes can go untended for long periods of time, farm is very low, kills are usually very high. The jungler should learn quickly that other things must be done to be successful; plus who doesn't want to get involved in some fights? For level 30 summoners, the easier jungle is offset by more frequent encounters with monsters, an increased need to gank due to health potion and minion changes, increased incentive to counterjungle, etc. There are a lot of moving levers within the jungle and a harsh incoming-damage-based barrier to entry is not necessarily the only way to make the jungle interesting, varied, and have sufficient balancing mechanics.

7. Similar to above, while I think there might be more champions it's possible to jungle with, I don't think there will be many more good junglers. As with any class, there are the better options and there are the worse options, to varying degree. The biggest 'class' of jungler that probably got weaker the sustain junglers; almost all of which are good in lane, and still, having high/full health when you gank at a less predictable time is always good. We did initially see some weird stuff like jungle Annie, but it kind of fizzled out because all she really has going for her is the vicious 6 gank. She's too gold-reliant to jungle.

8. I do see these changes actually making jungling a little less required. I think currently there are some interesting things you can do in a 2v1 lane, but the disadvantage of not having a jungler vs theirs (when he has full farm on higher-yield monsters, plus the only team with repeated available ganks) is too great. In other words I think teams always have to take a jungler right now because giving the other team the only jungler is too strong. I can see one team running a 2-1-2 comp or a 1-1-2 with a roaming support that can jungle (Alistar, Maokai), or on the other end of the fence a team with a jungler and a roamer that can counterjungle. This may not happen, and isn't really a primary focus of the changes, but I'd be curious and excited if it did.

Overall the set of jungle changes have been the result of a lot of iteration and have been testing in a pretty stable state for some time now. This post was pretty impromptu so it really doesn't reflect the full attention we have given to these set of changes, but I was hoping to shed a little more detail into the changes than the patch preview and a lot more information as to the reasoning behind the changes, and what sorts of behavior and action we've seen in testing. I might have a few additional thoughts that I will edit in.

- Guinsoo, Game Designer, via the official forums.

Volibear Patch Preview

Posted on at 6:21 PM by Moobeat
Another patch is just around the bend and it's time for Riot's weekly patch preview! Next week's patch includes the fabled Jungle remake from many months ago, some buffs to the under appreciated Sivir, and a changes to crank up the aggressiveness of the laning phase.


  •  Attack Range Increased
  •  Sivir's W is now an on next hit effect instead of a Toggle
  •  Passive Changes to Bonus Movespeed when attacking an Enemy Champion

Jungle Remake
  • Rewards lowered but scale better into late game.
  • All Camps easier ( rewards scaling ).
  • The small jungle camps now respawn much quicker.
  • New Healing "buff" on Wolves / Golems camp.
Changes to the Lane Phase
  • Minions deal less damage to Players
  • Health restored from health potions lowered.
  • Red Lizard Buff slow nerfed for melee champions.

Pretty interested to see how this jungle remake pans out. This is potentially a massive change to game dynamics and team compositions. I hope farm heavy champions, such as Master Yi, Nasus, or Irelia, can shift into viable picks with the increased respawn, and thus gold income, timers. I feel like I am still behind on working out the kinks of the mastery changes for my jungling champions after last patch, so this is going to give me a whole new set of things to mess with.

Side note: I tweeted away the first of my Riot Nasus skins earlier! I haven't heard anything from anyone, so it might still be there - I'm not very popular! I have three more I'll run a little contest for later.