On "Reserving" Summoner Names and Statistics

Posted on at 6:24 PM by Moobeat
In lieu of the recent addition of Summoner Name Changes to the in game store, average joe forum-goer Viral has but a simple request. He pleads of Riot to take the time to wipe out level one, unused accounts, to free up some names that might be sitting in limbo. Surprisingly, Riot Games president Mark "Tryndamere"  Merrill has swooped in for a "quick" response.
"We will be doing this. Details coming shortly."
- Tryndamere, President, via the official forums.

On the subject of Tryndamere lurking the forums, he also responded to another thread about Riot putting out some statistics about League of Legends, such as total games played a day, total accounts created, etc.
"Yes. We will be announcing this.

Long story short, we're huge and most people have no idea just how big."
- Tryndamere, President, via the official forums.

Completed Brackets for Season One Championship Regional Qualifiers

Posted on at 11:56 PM by Moobeat
The extensive two day coverage of the League of Legends Season One Championship Regional Qualifiers has concluded! In case you've been living under a Malphite, this is the qualifier that nets the top three teams in each bracket ( NA and EU ) a  trip to Dreamhack and the chance to compete for $100,000 in a tournament celebrating the end of League of Legends first season,

Congratulations to  Team SoloMid, Epik Gaming, CLG, aAa, gamed.de, and FnaticMSI for putting on some ridiculous games. Three weeks from now they will meet head to head, along with two South East Asia teams, Jönköping, Sweden.

Be on the look out for more details, promotions, and streams for Dreamhack as get near closer to June 20th. If you'd like to see more about the tourney, check out the original Dreamhack announcement by RIOT.

Teams Involved:
1) CLG
2) Team SoloMid
3) CompLexity
4) Rock Solid
6) Defy All Odds
8) Epik Gaming

Teams involved:
1) SK Gaming
2) aAa
3) FnaticMSI
4) gamed.de
5) Wizards
6) myRevenge
7) aLs
8) Tic-Tacs

 On a bit of a side note, this has almost been the most popular and fluid stream conducted by Riot yet. I'm very impressed with how smooth everything went. Kudos!

MS Paint Your Favorite Champion(s) contest!

Posted on at 2:39 AM by Moobeat
Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know I've decided my contest will be based on drawing your favorite champion(s) in MS Paint! Check out my forum post on the League of Legends boards below and visit the thread to enter for your chance at winning some free Riot Points. I've also pumped the prize pool up from ( 2 ) $10 League of Legends cards to ( 5 )! Woohoo.
Hello summoners! I'm Moobeat and I maintain a League of Legends based news blog called Surrender at 20. I'd like to think everyone for their support of my blog by holding a wee little contest. 

I figured instead of some lame "follow me on Twitter!" or "post a comment on my blog!" sort of thing, I'd opt for something a little more creative. After several grueling hours of meditation, I have decided I'd like to see some awesome/poopy drawings of champions!

The rules are simple, just draw your favorite League of Legends champion(s) using a "primitive" graphics painting program, such as MS Paint. The champion(s) can be doing whatever you want them to do; they can be in battle, using abilities, chilling by the pool, or making a sandwich. Be sure to include a few things in your drawing: A title for your masterpiece, your Summoner name or Contact Email, and the words Surrender at 20 Contest. You can plaster this information where you please, but make sure you include everything! Entries lacking the proper information will be shunned. 

After you've gotten your painting together, information and all, make a post in this thread and attach your picture.Alternatively, if you wish your entry to be hidden until I choose the finalists because it's just that good,email your entry here.

Next Friday, the third of June, I'll pick my ten favorite submissions and either edit this thread or make a new thread with a poll so the community can choose the winners. The following Monday, I'll close the poll and get in touch with the top picks. I'll also pick two entries at random to receive a prize!

As of right now the prize pool is (5) $10 League of Legends Game Cards, one for each of the top three submissions and one for each of the random winners.

Thanks again for all of your support! I'm so completely pumped to check see the awesome generated by this contest.

Blog: Surrender at 20
Podcast: IP Boost
Twitter: @Moobeat

Oh, I also included an example drawing. It's a shame I can't enter the contest, because this bad boy would take the cake.

Dreamhack Comes True video Entries

Posted on at 11:00 AM by Moobeat
Here are the twelve finalists for the Dreamhack Comes True contest.

Here are my two favorites by Yo Asakura and Majistrate K and A Bad Idea.

Don't let my judgement sway you! Make sure to check out the other ten entries.

Here is the forum post below if you want to check it out. Make sure you go vote for your favorites!

Hundreds of heartfelt messages, thank yous, and shenanigans found their way to the contest inbox and to the eyes of Rioters.


From the bold to the subtle, the ridiculous to the humble, your message has been heard. Summoners, we love you, too.

We looked for the most bombastic, enthusiastic, and genuine videos of the bunch to become finalists on their way to the Season One Championship, but in the end we need your opinion to determine which summoner will visit Sweden with us. It only seems fair that we leave the choice to you.

Eddy Eshkibabble
Majistrate K and A Bad Idea
Yo Asakura
Captain Knots

Of the twelve entries here, you get to choose the top six to become super-finalists, guaranteeing them a Razer prize pack and the chance to win the grand prize. For four days, we’ll open up forum voting to determine the top six, then we’ll will hand-pick one of these super-finalists to accompany us to the Season One Championship at Dreamhack! 

Take a look, tell us what you think, and help these finalists’ Dreamhack come true.

- Nikasaur, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

The Tribunal's Daily Cap Increased To 10

Posted on at 10:59 AM by Moobeat

Here is a post from Riot giving us the great news they have listened to the extreme amount of feedback regarding the the Tribunal and decided to flat out increase the amount of cases you can judge per day. The old cap was defaulted to three cases a day but starting today you can judge up to ten cases a day.

Over the past week we’ve watched you bring judgement to thousands of cases using the Tribunal! One piece of feedback that came up time and again was that you all wanted to do more and we’re happy to announce that starting today you’ll be able to complete up to ten cases per day.

Based on your decisions we have taken swift action against the worst offenders and, while we’re not ready to release the results yet, this is just the beginning. Your feedback has been fantastic and we’re working hard to incorporate what we can to make the Tribunal experience even better.

We hope that these extra cases slake your thirst for justice and if you have reached Summoner level 30 and have yet to add your voice to the Tribunal you can join in here.
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.

IP Boost, a League of Legends Podcast, episode 11 released!

Posted on at 2:25 AM by Moobeat
The eleventh episode of IP Boost, a podcast dedicated to League of Legends, is now available after a short delay! This weeks show is coming at you a few days late in lieu of Neil's wife giving birth to their first son! Congratulations to them!!! On a related note, we should be right on time for next weeks show.
Right Click and Save As to Download
In episode eleven, we rattled on about the two new skins, the new Tribunal, and the champion changes and new features that came with patch We briefly touched on Orianna for a bit, but look for more discussion on her next podcast! In RAGE QUIT, we talk about reckless tower diving and how you should know better. Our CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT this week featured Neil discussing Tristana The Megling Gunner. In NOOB CORNER, we talked about how not every kill is created equal and gave some pointers on not trading down.

Head on over to the IP BOOST blog to check out the show notes and listen to the show. Alternatively, you can listen to us on iTunes by simply searching for "IP Boost" in the iTunes store. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns of the heart, shoot an email to ipboostpodcast@gmail.com.

Art Spotlight for Orianna + Summoner Showcase

Posted on at 5:08 PM by Moobeat
Here are the two new Riot videos for you guys.

The first is the usual time-lapsed recording of an artist creating the splash art for the new champion, Orianna.

We also have the 30th edition of Riot's official fan appreciation series, the Summoner Showcase. This weeks showcase features a metal melody inspired by League of Legends, some intense Nocturne Fan Art, a lovely Caitlyn cosplay, an interactive text adventure about waking up in Summoners Rift, and a ghoulish rendition of Mundo.

With the risk of sounding a bit of a White Knight, What's with all the negative comments at Nikasaur, the host of the showcase, on youtube? People are so rude.

A New Champion Approaches: Orianna, the Clockwork Girl

Posted on at 3:08 PM by Moobeat

Well, we finally get to see Orianna's abilities and boy to they look fun. I've always wanted to see more minion based champions and while Orianna isn't, she defiantly has a unique feeling to her. I'm still lingering on what role she'll fit in to, she seems to fill a similar role that Morgana fills. Her combat role is going to be based on manipulating her pet ball and positioning it as all of her abilities emanate from the ball. In addition to positioning it, you also have the option of attaching it to an ally. I for see much fun to be had attaching the ball to a Malphite, he charges in, then you drop your slow field ( W ) and knock up ( R ) for some devastating combo CC.

So what do you guys think? Is she something you are willing to shill out your hard earned IP for? Or is she a little rusty for your tastes?


There once was a Piltovian man named Corin Reveck who had a daughter named Orianna, whom he loved more than anything else in the world. Though Orianna had incredible talent for dancing, she was deeply fascinated by the champions of the League of Legends. This fascination compelled her to begin training to become such a champion. It is unfortunate that her sheltered, wide-eyed naivete led her to take unnecessary and dangerous chances which ultimately led to her tragic demise. Orianna's death shattered Corin, driving him into deep depression and an obsession with techmaturgy. He could not stand the void his daughter's death left in his life, so he decided to build a replacement – one that would complete Orianna's dream of joining the League. What was created is the clockwork killing machine that Corin named after his daughter. Knowing that she was destined to be a champion and seeing the way the times were changing, he created The Ball as her pet and protector. This nearly symbiotic creation uses a different type of techmaturgy, relying more heavily on electricity than clockwork. 

Orianna and The Ball now fight as Champions in the League of Legends, using the Clockwork Girl's sometimes misguided morality as a compass. She tries in earnest to fit in with those around her. However, no matter how hard she tries, Orianna can never be human and there is always something unnerving and alien about her. Though she attempts social interaction with other champions in the League of Legends, there are few who can get past her exotic nature. To many, it's as if there's nothing inside, that Orianna is just a soulless clockwork shell – a dangerous and deadly one at that. However, all along she remains the perfect daughter in her father's eyes.

“Dance with me, my pet. Dance with me into oblivion.”


Passive – Clockwork Windup: Orianna’s autoattacks deal additional magic damage every hit, subsequent attacks on the same target within a few seconds will add more damage per hit. This bonus stacks up to three times. 
(Q) - Command - Attack: Orianna commands her ball to fly towards target location, dealing damage to targets hit but doing reduced damage for each additional target hit. Her ball remains behind at that location afterwards. 

(W) - Command – Dissonance: Orianna commands her ball to emit a magnetic pulse, dealing damage to units around it. Afterwards, the ball leaves a field behind for a few seconds that speeds up allies and slows enemies. 

(E) - Command – Protect 
  • (Passive): The allied champion the ball is attached to gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance.
  • (Active): Orianna commands her ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion when it arrives.

(R) - Command – Shockwave: Orianna commands her ball to emit a shockwave after a short delay, flinging affected enemies in the vicinity into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, her ball.

- Average Gatsby, Riot Team Intern, via the official forums.

A few news bits

Posted on at 11:22 PM by Moobeat
I present you with a potpourri of small news updates from yesterday and today. 

1) Riot has released a video summarizing the Tribunal and showing you how to use it. Hopefully this will clear up a bit of the confusion and generate more popularity for the newly implemented system.

2) It looks like the item Sword of the Divine is going to get some love in the near future. It's activation makes attacks undodgeable and grants armor penetration for a short amount of time. It seems weird to say now, but SotD used to be a very powerful item back when Phantom Dancer granted dodge and every melee brawl would be decided by who had the most dodge. Now that Ninja Tabi is the only item to grant dodge, it isn't as valuable of an option. Here is a RED post in a discussion thread about the item.
"I think as a proc item, it's not bad, but that active is super bad. We'll change it!"
 - Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums

3) The Kayle update is still slated for the post Orianna patch, but it looks like we will see an improvement to her animations as well! I hope this eliminates her wings clipping through her model, that sort of thing is SO pre-Season One.

"We wanted to do Kayle this patch, but needed to hold it back. It's on the docket for post-Orianna. We have some new updated Kayle animation work we're gonna roll out with it, too."

- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

4) League of Legends Game Cards, phyiscal cards carrying redeemable codes for the in game currency RIOT POINTS, are now available in a multitude of new locations across North America. Canadian Future Shops, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy will all be carrying the cards in the near future. The cards have also recently been made available at Walmarts across the United States. Check out this post to find the nearest locations you can pick up one of these bad boys.

Also, speaking of Riot Point Cards, I have two to give away soon, so stay tuned! I'm still trying to decide how I want to do it. Ideas?

A bit about Orianna's abilities

Posted on at 6:18 PM by Moobeat
Why won't they just show us already?! Sometime after teaser post twenty, the allure wears off and the frustration sits in! We are sitting a few days away from her release, after a weeks delay, and here we are dancing around an pseudo-ability spoiler. I'm a little Vlad, bro, but I think it's only because I'm completely looking forward to this champion.


We’d love to give you a sneak-peak at some of Orianna, the Clockwork Girl’s gameplay features. We’re blazing new mechanical trails with this champion, and we want to share the excitement with you.

Orianna’s key gameplay hook is commanding her primary weapon – an animated hextech ball that she uses as a focus for her abilities. This ball acts as a focal point for all of her skills, allowing her to dynamically control space. By moving The Ball (as she named it) and then activating skills, you can use it to deal magical damage, attach it to allies (then use them as the focal point for your skills), shield friends, or even move enemies out of position. Knowing how and when to use Orianna’s abilities - combined with strategic setup - can deny entire areas of a combat zone or support a key ally and act as a force multiplier.

To add risk to the kit, her passive encourages her shorter-range auto-attacks to maximize her damage output. This means you can play safer and use the long range of Orianna’s ball, but to lesser effect than if you combine it with auto-attacks. We made this decision in order to create an interesting dichotomy of risk/reward that will allow expert Orianna players to stand out.

We want to push the boundaries in our champion creation and your impressions and feedback can help shape this. Let us know what you think!
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

Another Peak at Orianna, the Clockwork Girl

Posted on at 1:01 AM by Moobeat
Riot has posted another "sneak peak" at Orianna. This time we get a drawing of her in all her robot-y goodness. Read below for more spoiler-free ramblings about her and gander over at the picture.

What do you think she is going to turn out to be? All we know so far is she is a robot girl with a robot pet ball.

If working on League of Legends for this long has taught us anything, it’s that when it comes to building a champion, it pays to have an eye for quality. Well, whether you’re a hextech enthusiast or you’re just in the market for a new watch, if you’ve got any appreciation for fine craftsmanship you should have a look at Orianna, the Clockwork Girl and her pet ball. That’s right, we said pet ball! And while it might be strange to see a metal lady walking around everywhere with a mechanical sphere, we’re willing to wager that once you see what she can do with it you’ll be in the market for a pet ball yourself. Just don’t tell your friends you’re headed down to the jeweler’s for a new pet. They might look at you funny.
Attached Thumbnails

- Average Gatsby, Riot Intern Team, via the official forums.

Also, here is an entertaining quad kill by my buddy in a game I played with him earlier in the week. I'll gladly trade a tower for a Nocturne quad kill any day.

New Skins: Frostfire Annie and Road Warrior Miss Fortune

Posted on at 11:57 AM by Moobeat
Patch has also given us two new skins!

Frost Fire Annie is a cold rendition of everyone's favorite pyromancer. The skin will run you 975 Riot Points and comes complete with new spell effects and a new model for Tibbers. Cool.

Road Warrior Miss Fortune is a badass version of Miss Fortune that reminds me of my beloved Fallout series. She also looks like she is teetering on the edge of joining the Vandals... At any rate, It's going to run you 520 Riot Points.

EDIT: For those of you wondering, there are no "unreleased skins" in this patch, I assume because we are going to get a patch new Monday that will add in Orianna and some other goodies.

Patch Notes1.0.0.118b + Name Changes and Multiple Rune Pages

Posted on at 11:19 AM by Moobeat
Here are a the patch notes that have just been applied to the server as well as the information regarding two features summoners have been begging for!

First up we have NAME CHANGES. The bad boys will run you 1300 Riot Points and allow you to do just as the name implies; change your summoner name to something new. Regret naming yourself Rebeccablackfan69? Problem solved!

The second long awaited feature is MULTIPLE MASTERY PAGES. This feature lets your predetermine and save up to ten mastery pages for quick selection during champion selection. We all know it takes a painstaking amount of time to remastery for your selected champion only to save them and notice your team picked all lightweight carries. Then, you have to switch to a tank but your stuck with the wrong masterys. Fret no longer my friends! The best part about this new feature is its FREE! Just navigate from your in game profile to the "Masteries" tab to get started!

Lastly, here are the patch notesfor Anyone else find it slightly weird they put out the patch preview about five minutes before just releasing the patch notes?

New Items in the Store
  • Frostfire Annie
  • Wasteland Miss Fortune
  • Summoner Name Change

PVP.net v1.36.14
  • Summoners can now setup multiple mastery pages in their Summoner Profile to select from during Champion Selection, up to a maximum of 10.

League of Legends

  • Health per level reduced to 102 from 110
  • Pulverize
    • Ability power ratio reduced to .6 from .8
    • Reduced the chance of failed knockups near terrain
  • Headbutt
    • Base damage reduced to 85/130/175/220/265 from 85/135/185/235/285
    • Ability power ratio reduced to .8 from 1

  • Disintegrate
    • Ability power ratio increased to .75 from .6
    • Damage reduced to 90/130/170/210/250 from 80/125/170/215/260
    • Mana cost reduced to 60/70/80/90/100 from 60/75/90/105/120
  • Incinerate
    • Ability power ratio increased to .8 from .6
    • Damage reduced to 85/135/185/235/285 from 85/145/205/265/325
    • Mana cost reduced to 80/95/110/125/140 from 80/100/120/140/160
  • Summon: Tibbers
    • Mana cost reduced to 125/175/225 from 150/200/250
    • No longer gives experience on death
    • Gold bounty increased to 50 from 15
    • Now gains health per rank: 1200/1600/2000
    • Now gains armor per rank: 30/50/70
    • Now gains magic resist per rank: 25/45/65
    • Lowered the duration to 45 seconds from 60 seconds
    • Area-of-effect burn damage is now 35 at all ranks from 40/60/80, but now has a 0.2 ability power ratio
  • Restored old animation (skip hop run) to Annie

  • Reduced the chance of Rupture failing to knock up the target

  • Idol Of Durand's damage range now matches the taunt range

  • Bladesurge damage reduced to 20/50/80/110/140 from 20/55/90/125/160
  • Transcendent Blades
    • Now heals for 10% vs minions, and 20% vs champions.
    • Ability Power ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.4
    • Deals physical damage instead of magic damage.
    • Scales with attack damage and ability power

  • Updated recommended items
  • Caustic Spittle
    • Cast range increased to 625 from 600
    • Now lowers both magic resist and armor
  • Bio-Arcane Barrage cooldown decreased to 15 seconds from 17
  • Living Artillery now scales with attack damage and ability power at a 0.5 ratio
  • Void Ooze width increased slightly

  • Junkyard Titan bonus damage on basic attacks no longer procs Rylais or works with Spell Vamp
  • Flamespitter cooldown increased by 1 second
  • Fixed a bug where Rumble's ultimate would display the wrong team indicator on some machines with low graphics settings

  • Boomerang Blade
    • Missile speed increased to 1350 from 1200
    • Attack damage ratio increased to 1 from .95
    • Base damage increased to 80/125/170/215/260 from 75/120/165/210/255

  • Movement speed reduced to 305 from 310
  • Range decreased to 550 from 555
  • Tumble mana cost increased to 40 from 35.
  • Silver Bolts base damage reduced to 20/30/40/50/60 from 30/40/50/60/70
  • Condemn base damage reduced to 50/90/130/170/210 from 60/100/140/180/220

  • Transfusion heal reduced to 15/25/35/45/55 from 17.5/28.75/40/51.25/62.5

  • Moonflair Spellblade combine cost lowered to 340 from 430
  • Hextech Revolver's Spell Vamp component is now Unique

  • Only very long-range abilities such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow will cast using the minimap, other spells will no longer cast using the minimap.
  • Cursor-cast spells, which cast at the location of your mouse cursor without requiring a left-click, will cast through parts of the UI (including the minimap) as though you were targeting the ground underneath
  • The Havoc mastery now increases total physical and magic damage dealt by 4%, instead of increasing base physical and magic damage dealt by 5%

Patch Preview

Posted on at 7:43 PM by Moobeat
The patch preview is up and boy is it full to the brim with changes. We already knew about the Kog'Maw buffs and updates to Annie but now we have a bit more information about all of them. We also privy to nerfs on Alistar, Irelia tweaks, Vayne nerfs, and the changes to Hextech Revolver.

Personally, this looks like a great set of changes to me. I'm super excited to see Kog'Maw and Annie updated to brawl with the new champions released. Part of me weeps for changes to Alistar, but we all saw it coming didn't we? Something about getting bursted down by something that takes no damage just didn't feel right. I'm satisfied with the Irelia nerfs, yet I wonder why they didn't alter the coefficients on her ultimate long ago. I think the  just nerf to her ultimate's healing capacities will shift it from a defensive to proper offensive ability while alleviating pain she endures while rolling her face on the keyboard currently. the  I'm also pumped they are nerfing Vayne. I really don't have a particularly good reason except she makes me rage so hard. She is the bane of tanks!

TLDW version of Patch Preview:
Annie Updates
- Lower base damage increase AP ratios for better late game scaling.
- Lower mana costs
- Tibbers buffed - survivability and damage improved.
Alistar nerfs
- AP Ratios lowered slightly on Q and W.
- Base Headbutt damage reduced
- Base HP down a bit
Irelia Changes
- Nerf Damage on Q
- Ultimate is now has additive scaling, combining AP + AD.
- Ultimate now deals physical damage.
- Ulimate's heal reduced by 50% vs minions.
Hextech Revolver
- The spell vamp on it is now unique.
Kog'Maw Buffs
- Q now reduces Magic Resist in addition to armor.
- Range of Q increased
- W's cooldown slightly reduced
- E is now wider on the "goop".
Vayne Nerfs
- Mana cost on Tumble increased slightly up
- True Damage  reduced on W
- Lowered Codemn's intial damage to encourage summoners to pin others to the wall.

What changes are you looking forward to the most? For me it's definitely the Annie changes. Have you seen my bear DEATHIBBERS? Also, I'll just leave this tease of a tweet here, some of you might enjoy it.

No Orianna this Tuesday

Posted on at 8:22 PM by Moobeat
The sad news comes to us from WhattayaBrian in a thread where a concerned summoner inquires about the upcoming patch. As I noted yesterday, there will still be a patch Tuesday but it will not include the mysterious new champion Orianna. This comes due to several complications Riot has experienced recently. Power Outages, Moving Offices, and Dreamhack being right around the corner no doubt make for a hectic time at the Riot office.

I was sort of expecting this one, but is it such a bad thing? We've been berated by new champions every two weeks consistently for the past few months! I, for one, am still very impressed with Riot's dedication to their game and will not be picking up my pitchfork and torch and joining the mobs of angry summoners on the forums.. Besides, we are all still trying to figure out how to deal with end game Vayne right?

"We have had a number of complications recently (including a power outage at the office) that hurt our designers' ability to improve and refine (and refine each improvement). After a large amount of deliberation, we decided that Orianna wouldn't hold up to the standards we put on our champions if we released her Tuesday.

It's likely that the next champion after Orianna will also be on a three-week cycle, partly due to Dreamhack considerations. Afterwards we should be back on a normal two-week cycle.
- WhattayaBrian, Engineer, via the official forums.

No Kayle Rework Yet + Patch still planned for Tuesday

Posted on at 11:46 PM by Moobeat
Don't fret! I noticed a few of you asking about the new champion. Those of you with keen eyes have noticed usually we have a Champion Spotlight or at least an art spotlight for the new champion this late in the week. Heck, we usually have the patch preview as well. Phreak has divulged, in a thread about the upcoming Kayle rework, that the patch is still in the works for Tuesday, sans rework, and will hopefully be the final push before DREAMHACK and the end of season one.

Kayle remake isn't happening on Tuesday. This is two-fold.

1: We are nearing the end of Season One, and while we will continue to make balance changes, we're going to finalize what patch we will use for the Season One regional qualifiers and the Season One final (this will be the same patch). We don't want to release major remake style changes into a build that's a contender for the Season One finals patch.

2. We still have work to do on Kayle. I think you guys will like it when it comes out 

However, a patch is happening (tentatively) Tuesday.

Patch Preview will come out Monday. It's going to be much more in-depth and hopefully really answer your guys' questions this time. I don't think I've been doing a good job at making them completely clear in the past, so this time Morello is back with very long-winded answers on what we're changing.

- Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

Wheres my IP from the Tribunal?

Posted on at 9:38 AM by Moobeat
The NA Tribunal Prerelease has been going pretty smooth for about a day now.  I was able to get in, judge my horrendously guilty three cases, and pat myself on the back knowing I'll be rewarded for punishing the evil doers. There are a few things that I've gotten questions and comments about though. The first is "Where is my IP from the Tribunal?" and the other is "Why can I only judge three cases a day?". I've found the answers to both of  these questions wrapped up in a nice little red post by 0pherion.

How has your experiance with the Tribunal gone? Let me know in the field below! All of mine have just power spammed profanity to no end and went something like 2-20-1. It's so hard to make a choice there! If you've been missing out on the action, check out the Tribunal for yourself at http://www.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal

We're still a little up in the air about exact amount / correct vote (with majority rule). Just to set it in perspective, without giving too much away:

1. If you vote on cases correctly, over time you will gain increased voting abilities.
2. After enough "level ups" to your voting ability, you will have over 10x the voting capacity you have now.
3. Once you reach your max cases and you vote on all of them each day AND vote correctly, you'd be earning somewhere around 1000+ IP / week.

IP awards will be issued on a weekly basis. Next Thursday will be the first IP award email. If you don't see an IP award email the first week...it might just mean that your cases have not been closed yet by Rioterz.
- 0pherion, Sr. Web Developer, via the official forums.

Upcoming Changes

Posted on at 12:11 PM by Moobeat

Yesterday, Morello posted a few things that are in the pipeline but will NOT be implemented this patch. They are all going to be welcomed changes, especially the further buffs to Fiddlesticks as his rework left him a bit below mark.

I wanted to speak real quickly about some things we have upcoming that aren't in this patch for some various reasons, and let you know the status on some awaited changes;

* Fiddlesticks: The update for Fiddsticks pushes him in an AP direction and makes him more consistent, which we like, but the numbers are wrong. You'll see a buff to at least AP ratios, perhaps more. I expect this in the patch after next.

* Garen: Again, there's a lot of hyperbole that Garen is trash or unusable, and from all the data we see, that's not the case. However, he could still use a little nudge. We want to make his ult castable during Judgment, and probably a small AD ration increase on it. 

* Lee Sin, the Blind Monk: Lee Sin has come into his own as an amazing jungler, but does fall off too early. No details on changes yet, but we're looking to add better late-game scaling without improving jungle speed.

- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

 Riot has posted Summoner Showcase #29! Watch the video below to check out some tape artwork, an impressive Caitlyn fan art, a bit of Spanish LoL cosplay, Monopoleague, and some delicious dubstep.